Expulsion Process

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Expulsion of a Member


  • physical or sexual violence
  • repeated verbal abuse (bullying)
  • Lying or an omission of information requested
  • Not respecting community agreements despite going through all steps to enforce them (see document "Steps to enforce a decision ")
  • behavior or words of oppression: racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, hétéronormisme
  • The 7 deadly sins are grounds for excommunication: greed, pride, lust, envy, gluttony, anger and sloth

expulsion process of a member

  • decision to expel a member shall be taken by consensus (see document "mode of decision making"), to the exclusion of the person concerned (consensus -1)
  • in the case of physical or sexual violence, whether perpetrated against another member or another person, or on the premises of the community or the person
    • outside:must leave 2 weeks, all expenses paid, the time to establish the facts and let the dust settle. If the decision in relation to the expulsion of a member or not can not be taken within 2 weeks, because the time required to establish the facts or consensus on its consequences is not sufficient, a decision is taken on the way forward by the time the decision is made
      • that the person can return to the community or not, and if not, how long should it stay out?
      •  has she the right to visit?
    • It is for the alleged victim to choose whether it wants to or not to appeal to the formal justice system.
    • the community offers and strongly encourages a process of restorative justice, as restaurateurs circles or other techniques or tools mediation. This, both to help the victim, the perpetrator, and the community to recover damages.


What the community gives the departure of a member expelled?

  • The same thing that a member who chose to go
  • half of that paid to a member who chooses to
  • go,it depends on the reason for his expulsion
  • it depends on his involvement in the community (time and energy)