Sandhill - Application Letter to IRS for 501d Status

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Tax Information Package - SH-TXP3 - Application Letter to IRS for 501d Status

Tax Information Package - SH-TXP3

Request letter to IRS for 501d Classification

Sandhill Farm, Inc.
Route 1, Box 10
Rutledge, MO 63563
June 24, 1983

Internal Revenue Service
Exempt Organizations
P.O. Box A-3617
Chicago, IL 60690

Dear People:

This letter is a formal request for an exemption ruling or determination letter for Sandhill Farm, Inc. under Section 501(d) of the Internal Revenue Code. As per Rev. Proc. 71-5, please find enclosed in this submission copies of the following:

1. Sandhill Farm's Statement of Spirituality
2. Articles of Incorporation
3. Bylaws
4. Notification of assignment of an employer identification number by IRS
5. Statement of assets and liabilities for the period 1980-1982
6. Statement of receipts and expenditures for the period 1980-1982
7. Written statement addressing the points raised in Rev. Proc 72-5, section 3--.01(5)

Under penalty of perjury, I have examined this application, including accompanying statements, and to the best of my knowledge and belief it is true, correct, and complete.

I wish to add that Sandhill Farm, Inc. first applied for an exemption under Section 501(d) with the District Director of the IRS in St. Louis, April 16, 1982. Upon request, further materials were supplied May 4, 1982. For a period of a year then, Sandhill Farm received no communication from the IRS on this matter. In a letter I sent May 9, 1983, I requested information about the status of our application and received a response from L. Kavanagh, TSR of the IRS Taxpayer Service Division in Chicago directing me to resubmit the application to the address on this letter. I would greatly appreciate and expeditious handling of this application. Thank you.

Laird A. Schaub,