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11.3 - Waiting List Guidelines
Membership Policy, Sept 1993
[Sections #2 and #5 revised 13 Dec 1996 by membership committee]

All potential and incoming visitors will be told in correspondence that we have a waiting list in effect.

If there is not space available for a new member or a member wishing to return from leave, co will go on a waiting list until space is available.

Full members on Leave of Absence of more than two months will go to the top of the waiting list, regardless of gender. If there is no housing available when they wish to return and they prefer not to live in a tent or camper, their leave of absence may be extended by the Membership Manager if necessary.

The legislated guidelines are that the minority gender will be given preference at the rate of three to one. These will be followed until we reach a 50/50 gender balance while the waiting list is in effect. Once the 50/50 gender balance is achieved, the genders can be considered to be balanced as long as one gender is not greater than 55% of the adult population. After gender balance has been sustained for two months, new members will be given housing in the order of joining without regard to gender until one gender reaches more than 55% of the adult population.

When a new person is added to the waiting list, they are added at the bottom of their section (full members, women, men). If more than one person is added to the list on a certain day, their order on the list will be determined randomly.
As spaces become available while the waiting list is in effect, the Membership Manager or a designated representative will contact the next person on leave who is eligible for space and ask them to get in touch with us with three weeks to let us know if they will be returning to occupy the space. Space can be held for up to one month. If a member cannot return at the time the offer of space is made, they will retain their place on the waiting list and will be contacted again. The next eligible person will then be contacted and offered that particular space.

Members on the waiting list who clearly indicate they will not be returning to East Wind for residency will be dropped form the list.

Men and women who are in committed relationships and wish to begin their residency together have the option of waiting until the man is eligible to return, if there is sufficient space available.

While a waiting list is in effect, Associates will not be able to return for residency periods. Members who become Associates may keep their rooms until they leave. The following exception will be made: Associates who have children and grandchildren in the community may return for residency periods if they tent or camp.

11.31 - Tents and Campers as Housing for New PMs due to Waiting List
Membership Policy, Sept 1993

New and returning PMs who would otherwise not be able to be at EWC due to a waiting list being in effect may live in personally owned tents and campers under the following guidelines:

There will be a limit of two campers and four tents occupied at any given time while the waiting list is in effect.

First consideration will be given to women wanting to live in their own tents or campers while the waiting list is in effect, if there are no sub-standard spaces available to house them. Next consideration will be given to PMs who became members prior to February 1993 and who are currently on PM leave. PMs who became members in February 1993 or later will then be considered.

Campers belonging to PMs may not be parked in the Visitor Parking Lot while occupied. Tents may not be erected on Reim lawn, except in the case of short-term visitors and guests (at EWC for a week or less) or for special groups for whom it may be more convenient to be in a central location. Ample notice will be posted by the Membership Manager or Room Assignor for these special cases.

Campers and tents will only be allowed in certain designated areas, to be determined by the Resource Manager, Membership Manager, and Room Assignor. PMs using these areas are responsible for keeping them clean and sanitary and not damaging the natural envi­ronment. No fires will be allowed. Smoking in these areas will be discouraged for safety reason. Noise norms will apply whether the site is near a structure or not. A list of allowed sites will be posted shortly.

PMs occupying personally-owned campers and tents will not be eligible for standard spaces (or sub-standard, in the case of a woman) until such time as they would normally be called back to EWC under the terms of the waiting list. Occupancy of a camper or tent does not give the PM any priority on available spaces. The PM will be advised of their ex-act status on the waiting list at the beginning of their residency.

PMs who wish to bring a pet to live at EWC may not do so while occupying a tent or trailer.

Any member having a complaint about any violation of the above guidelines by a PM oc­cupying a tent or camper is asked to bring it to the Membership Manager, who will inves­tigate the matter promptly and take what steps are necessary to correct any problems.

Any situation that is judged by the Membership Manager ad Room Assignor to be detri­mental to safe residence in campers or tents (i.e., prolonged sever weather or high fire danger) will be a basis to refuse the initiation of such occupancy by a PM or members wishing to do so.

PMs living in personally-owned tents or campers will not be counted in determining the membership ceiling.

For the purposes of this policy, campers are defined as a truck with camper shell, camper van (e.g., VW bus), small recreational vehicle, or small pop-up trailer. Larger units such as buses are already covered by our legislation and will not be considered for the purpose of establishing residencies by PMs without further Resource or community action.

11.4 - Personal Shelters: Building, Waiting List
Membership Policy, Sept 1993

When a shelter becomes available through vacancy, the option for occupancy is given to members in residence not on the waiting list through room assigning process. Vacated space is also allocated according to room assignment policy.
When a new personal shelter is constructed, first option is given to the builder. Members on the waiting list will not be approved to build new shelters.

11.52 - Membership Ceiling, Substandard Spaces & Designated Doubles
Board Policy, 5 March 1998
Revised 12 Sep 2002, 8 Sep 2003 & 4 Dec 2003

[Replaces 11.5 and 11.7 with the following:]
The Board has the authority to set the number of standard spaces. The current number of standard spaces is 75.
The following spaces are considered substandard:
The Closet in Fanshen (too small)
The New Land Shack
There are 6 designated doubles:
The Dome
The Ark
Fanshen Suite 23
One in Lilliput

4) The adult membership ceiling = the number of standard spaces minus the number of kid rooms. (“Kid rooms” = those rooms occupied only by kids.)