Yay! Fun! Policy - 2010

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The Yay! Fun! Policy

drafted by GPaul on 7/1/10


Our vision for the life we want to build at Acorn involves the ability to lead an active, fun life and includes the opportunity to go and do fun things with your fellow communards.

In order to help manifest this vision and to try to shake up the ways we socialize with each other and the things that bring us together in sub groups, Acorn will put up money to subsidize fun group activities.

We think that socializing with each other and getting to know each other in different contexts helps us to bond as a community and will enrich our lives by virtue of enriching our relationships with each other as well as laying the foundation of friendship to help us stay close during times of stress or disagreement.

We are budgeting 0-$100 per month to subsidize activities involving at least 7 members. Regular polls will be posted to attract nominations, and to decide what we as a community want to spend the monthly stipend on.

No activity will be funded twice in one year, unless brought to meeting as a topic and agreed upon by the community.

Any activity that is not chosen in one week will gain an automatic vote in the next week’s poll. If an activity has not been picked for four months running, it will be dropped and must be re-nominated.

7 people minimum must sign the sheet for the activity to occur.

(It was decided that votes for any activity that got at least seven votes would accumulate an extra vote, and be automatically re-nominated, for maximum four weeks, to ensure that everyone’s activity got done, but in practice this has not occurred as of 3/6/11).

Activities do not need to occur off the farm to qualify for the subsidy.