Israel and the hostage question

The scale of the kidnappings of Israeli civilians on October 7 is unprecedented. How have Israeli doctrine and practice evolved in negotiating the return of hostages? How to determine the price of a life on a political and moral level? Is Israel willing to pay more than other countries to save its citizens??

Filming, editing: A. Suhamy.

Ariel Colonomos is director of research at CNRSassociated with CERI (International Research Center). At Sciences Po, he teaches international relations, ethics of war and political theory. Among his latest published works: Pricing Lives – The Political Art of Measurement (Oxford University Press, 2023), Beautiful knowledge – For an aesthetics of the human sciences (Albin Michel, 2023), Selling the Future – The Perils of Predicting Global Politics (Hurst and Oxford University Press, 2016).