Mirages of the colonial school

What were the motivations of the French colonizers in opening schools in the Maghreb and Africa?? This study, serious despite

Say and do

Why do we make promises? And once done, what makes us hold them?? Are there good reasons to break commitments??

Work for all

Guarantee employment to eliminate unemployment? This is the thesis that Pavlina Tcherneva defends, articulating it with the Modern Theory of

Battery intelligence

The ecological transition will not happen without the contribution of science and its technical applications. We need to invent new

Militant abstraction

Derek Jarman's latest plastic works, “text paintings” or “slogan paintings”, reflect anger at the forms of homophobia specific to the

The time of the dolmens

What do dolmens teach us about the long history of protohistory?? According to Jean Guilaine, they testify to the progressive

The sound of social

Opening bridges between musical cultures, but also disciplines, an ambitious reflection from D.-C. Martin on the relationships between music and

Bulgaria and its historical story

During World War II, 48,000 Bulgarian Jews escaped deportation. By comparing unpublished and varied sources, N. Ragaru shows the construction

Social sciences facing disorder

How can the social sciences think about the constitutive disorder of a society?? How to write about groups marked with