Compiled Packet - Veiled Cliffs - 1993

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Compiled Packet
Veiled Cliffs

Compiled Packet VC-A

Veiled Cliffs Community Compiled Package as of March 1993

"The day will come when the idea of community will spread through the world. Gather together those of you who share high ideals. Pool your resources. Buy land in the country. A simple life will bring you inner freedom. Harmony with nature will bring you happiness and peace of mind known to few city dwellers. In the company of other seekers of the truth it will be easier for you to live in meditation and collective unity." -- Paramahansa Yogananda

Table of Contents
Chapter I. By-laws
1. Fundamentals
1.1. Definitions
1.1.1. Veiled Cliffs
1.1.2. Community
1.1.3 Membership
1.1.4 Terminology
1.2. Goal and Purpose
1.2.1. Statements
1.2.2. Implementation Exclusions

2. Membership
2.1 Resident Definitions
2.1.1. Membership Categories In General Full Member (fm) Prospective Member (pm)
2.1.2. Non-Member Residents Probationary Status (ps) Guest Status (gs) Visitor Status (vs) Indigenous Children Status (ics) Visiting Children Status (vcs) Compromised Status (cs)
2.2. Joining Veiled Cliffs
2.2.1. Procedure to Join Veiled Cliffs
2.2.2. Requirements and Responsibilities Community to Individual Individual to Community
2.3. Cancellation of Membership
2.3.1. Termination of Membership
2.3.2. Expulsion from Membership Expulsion Mechanism

3. Governance .
3.1. In General
3.2. Board of Directors .
3.2.1. Term .
3.2.2. Appointment .
3.3. Offices .
3.3.1. Archivist / Librarian (M) .
3.3.2. Bitch Officer (G) .
3.3.3. Bookkeeper
3.3.4. Conglomeration Officer (G) .
3.3.5. Environmental Officer (M) .
3.3.6. Finance Officer (G) .
3.3.7. Gardening Officer (M) .

3.3.8. Govie (G) .
3.3.9. Heath Officer (M) .
3.3.10. Husbandry Officer (M)
3.3.11. Rulemaster (G) .
3.3.12. Job Boss (M) .
3.3.13 Petty Cash Officer (s) .
3.3.14. Safety Officer (M) .
3.3.15. Secretary (M) .
3.3.16. Timesheet Officer . (G)
3.3.17. Work Coordinator (M) .
3.4 Committees
3.4.1. Interview Committee (IC) .
3.4.2. Governance Committee (GC)
3.4.3. Expulsion Committee (EC) .

4. Standard Operating Procedures .
4.1. Meetings.
4.2. Decision Making.
4.3. Spending
4.4. Complaints
4.4.1. Interpersonal
4.4.2. Community
4.5. Work Contribution
4.5.1. Minimum Work Requirements . For Adults Without Compr For Children . For Adults with Compromi
4.5.2. Timesheets
4.6. Animal Policy
4.6.1. Community .
4.6.2. Wanderers .

5. Property Code
5.1. Intent .
5.2. Beginning Membership .
5.2.1. General Provisions
5.2.2. Petty property .
5.2.3. Grand Property .
5.2.4. Capital Assets .
5.3. During Membership .
5.3.1. Receipts - General Provisions Accounts Receivable Unearned Income Earned Income . Gifts
5.3.2. Expenditures Personal Debts and Liabil Capital Asset Expenses
5.4. End of Membership .
5.4.1. Personal Property
5.4.2. Capital Assets
5.5. Wills
5.6. Income Taxes
5.7. Disputes

6. Dissolution of the Community .
6.1. Voluntary Dissolution .
6.2. Disposition of Assets .

7. Amendment of By-laws .
7.1. By Board of Directors .
7.2. By Full Membership .

Chapter II. By-Intents .

1. Rules.
1.1. Interpersonal
1.2. Monetary .
1.3. Health
1.4. Contributory Time
1.5. Safety
1.6. Property
2. Guide to Behavior
3. Violations of Rules
3.1. System.
3.2. Sanctions .
a1. Statutory
a2. Humane
b1. Action .
b2. Omission
c1. Intentional
c2 Negligent .
c3. Accidental .
d1. Booboo
d2. Affront
d3. Atrocity .
3.3. Probation.
3.4. Lenience and Forgiveness
4. Outreach.
5. Health
5.1. Living Wills
5.2. Insurance


Chapter I. ByLaws

1. Fundamentals
1.1. Definitions
1.1.1. Veiled Cliffs
Veiled Cliffs Community, Incorporated (hereinafter referred to as Veiled Cliffs, VCC, or the Community) is an intentional egalitarian community owned and operated by its members. At Veiled Cliffs we strive to live in accordance with our Goals (I.1.2.), share all income and expenses, rear our children communally, and are collectively responsible for all the needs of

the Community's members and children (including food, clothing, shelter, health care, education and other needs).
1.1.2. Community
Throughout these By-Laws, the word "community" is used in a sense that implies that the community makes decisions. Community decisions will be made by consensus and committees will be empowered to make decisions for the community. Wherever in these By-Laws the word "member" or "membership" is used without qualifying the type or status, the word shall be taken to apply to all residents.
1.1.3. Membership
Veiled Cliffs endeavors to examine each applicant for "comfortable fit" with its membership during the admission process. Agreement of spiritual goals and behavioral standards is an important aspect of that "fit". This does not include an attempt to avoid peoples of any race, sex, age, religious persuasion, or financial capacity/incapacity. We reserve the right to deny membership when we are not able to support more members or when an applicant is judged by the membership to be incompatible.
1.1.4. Terminology
The words denoting gender have been altered to include both genders or to deny genders. Instead of "he" or "she" there will be used "s/he". Instead of "his" or "hers" there will be "h" . Instead of "himself" or "herself" there will be "h-self".
The community used the terms "namaste" and "higher" to remind oneself and others of the need to focus on spiritual and personal growth, to look beyond a momentary frustration, or to wish one good health/growth.
1.2. Goal and Purpose
Veiled Cliffs Community has a common spiritual belief and an agreed purpose for our life efforts. We have joined together to have opportunity to

flourish through our beliefs, and strive for our common goals. Our goal Statement follows and our joint purpose in inextricably entwined. We intend for Veiled Cliffs to be a haven for those in need of aid along their path, or a school for those trying to lean a new way to live and give. we expect to offer many enterprises relating to our contemporary society, but our central focus will be on the growth and development of all our single identities toward perfection.
1.2.1. Statements
* We resolve to recognize that growth toward Perfection is primary to all life forms.
* We resolve to acknowledge that all persons are at varying stages in the acquisition of Perfection
* We resolve to sustain individual efforts to reach Perfection as we relate to each other, our world and our origin.
* We resolve to live in the present and reject focus upon past or future concerns. This will aid us in shrugging away guilt and fear which anchor us in imperfections.
* Veiled Cliffs Community supports the human need for shared experience, loving support, working together toward a common goal with those of like mind, and giving to the world without focusing on fears for the future.
* All life is worthy of respect. What affects any, affects all and harmony arises from consciously focusing on the Oneness of all life. We want to live in common unity of spirit, in an attitude of sharing with all life.
Because of our acknowledged planetary unity, and inter-connectedness, we shall endeavor to treat all of life as we wish to be treated. To which, we shall strive to:

* Eliminate hierarchy in relationships between people.
* Practice respect and non-violence in our personal, interpersonal, and political lives.
* Respect and preserve the natural environment for the use of our own and other species.
* Eliminate classism, racism, ageism, sexism and other forms of oppression in all our associations.
* Practice community, sharing all that we are, all that we produce, possessing in common, growing in common.
1.2.2. Implementation
The Goal and Purpose as stated above shall be implemented through:
* Intentionality in our planning and daily functioning.
* A system in internal economics that hold all land, labor, and other resources in common, and makes the material benefits of the Community available to all members equally or according to need.
* A general practice of respecting the liberty of all individuals to as great an extent as in consistent with the well being of the Community and the laws of the government in whose jurisdiction it lies.
* A participatory form of government in which all persons have equal rights to express their "piece of the Truth". All persons present in meetings will be encouraged to give their piece of the truth to the consensus process.
* A collective form of maintenance, care, education, and responsibility for all children residing in the community.
* Emphasis upon the fostering of: 1) responsibility and commitment; 2) cooperation rather than competition; 3) the use of

affirmation and direction rather than punishment for behavior modification.
* A general practice of non-exclusivity.
* An insistence on the non-involvement by all members in acts which are defined by the Community as conflicting with the purposes and policies set forth in these By-Laws and By-Intents. Exclusions
In no event shall the resources or facilities of Veiled Cliffs Community be used to further in any manner, any project or activity or purpose of any group or individual that is inconsistent with the purpose of the Community as set forth in these By-Laws and By-Intents.

2. Membership
2.1. Resident Definitions.
2.1.1. Membership Categories In General
All persons greater than 15 years of age and living in Veiled Cliffs will fall into one of two membership categories. (Non- member residents are discussed in section I.2.1.2.) Full Member (FM)
A FM is a person greater than 15 years of age, who has been accepted through the normal admission process. This category is only for members in good standing, who have fulfilled all responsibilities of membership and are therefore due all rights and benefits of membership, to include: sponsoring of guests, savings, and filling guidance positions. Prospective Member (pm)

A PM is a person greater than 15 years of age, progressing through the normal admission process, living at Veiled Cliffs. This is a mandatory one year evaluation process which will begin at the time of first interview and completion of the Membership Application (VCRA, BFFF, CAP, HF, and the GIF). A Prospective Member may not Block consensus, nor may a PM draw savings. Expulsion during this process may occur for any reason which causes the community to see the applicant as undesirable.

2.1.2. Non-Member Residents
Persons greater than 15 years of age and living at Veiled Cliffs for greater than one week will be expected to sign the first section of the Veiled Cliffs Resident Agreement (VCRA). Children are also considered Non-Member Residents until they have requested membership and proceeded through the admission process after the age of 15 years. It is anticipated that dependent parents may also fit in this category of resident. Probationary Status (PS)
A person in PS in one who has had Full Prospective membership temporarily suspended. A member in probationary status is viewed with negative bias if additional infractions occur while still probationary. See section (II.3.3.). Specifics as to Allowance, Savings, and duration of probation are determined by the RuleMaster (RM) based upon the infraction. Probation of greater than 2 months will require that a Prospective member make fresh application if there is still interest in membership. Guest Status (GS)
A person in GS is one who has come to Veiled Cliffs with the purpose of visiting an individual. Each FM has an allotted number of guest days which may be expended at FM's option. The guest may at any time leave or convert to visitor status. When no longer maintained as a guest, visitor-ship or prospective membership must occur if the person remains at Veiled Cliffs. Visitor Status (VS)

Visitors are those people who live at Veiled Cliffs for a limited period of time. The usual period is 1 to 4 weeks though it is possible to contract for longer periods. Visitors staying at VCC for over one week must sign the first section of the Veiled Cliffs Resident Agreement. Visitors will be required to fulfill certain Contributory Hour requirements or make payment in money to offset the cost of their visit. A Visitor may pay dollars per week or complete:
0% of full work requirement in Week #1
25% of full work requirement in Week #2
50% of full work requirement in Week #3
75% of full work requirement in Week #4
100% of full work requirement in Week #5
After four (4) weeks of visiting, a Visitor may, with recommendation from the Interview Committee, begin to receive Allowance based on comparison to Full Membership Allowance. A Full Member may give hours to offset those owed by a Visitor. A maximum of 2 months time at Veiled Cliffs in the capacity of "Visitor" will apply toward time as a Prospective Member should the Visitor decide to apply to the admission process. Veiled Cliffs accepts obligation to provide only "room and board" for visitors. The Interview Committee has the right to recommend to the Expulsion Committee that a visitor be expelled from the grounds. Indigenous Children Status (ICS)
Children under the age of 16 who live at Veiled Cliffs will be considered Indigenous Children, if they were born into Veiled Cliffs, or have completed one year as a Visiting Child while their sponsor (s) go through the admission process (I. ). The ICS will have rights and responsibilities as a Full Member, except that they may not Block consensus nor draw Savings. ICS provides for reduced Minimum Time Requirements based on the child's age (I. The sponsor must make up any deficit in the Minimum Hour

Requirement assigned to the child. A minimum of 75% of the earned allowance for all children will be retained in an individual account for community use on behalf of any child at Veiled Cliffs. Parents / guardians do not have access to these monies. These monies will be used primarily for those non-essential items which all children feel they "must" have at various times which the Community can not afford and of which we accept no responsibility or for necessary care which demands funds not then available. It is our policy that Children's needs will supersede those of adults. Visiting Children Status (VCS)
Visiting children are those people under the age of sixteen (16) who reside at Veiled Cliffs for a time in the company of a sponsor. They will be expected to abide by all aspects of the Veiled Cliffs Resident Agreement and h adult sponsor will be held accountable if some lack or problem results. They may not Block consensus, nor may they draw Savings. VCS provides for a percentage requirement for hours worked based on the age of the child and the number of weeks at Veiled Cliffs. Se tables (I. and (I. to compute requirements for VCS. Children at Veiled Cliffs will be maintained under the same provisions after the first four week period except that the community disavows responsibility beyond "room and board" for VCS. When the time here as a visitor has elapsed, monies retained in the children’s' fund for this child will go directly to the responsible party leaving with the child. If the child converts to ICS, based on sponsor's actions, the community will continue to maintain these funds. Compromised Status (CS)
A person may be place in CS from any other membership category due to illness or injury. An applicant for membership may be accepted with a CS requirement. These persons have some compromising condition which requires a reduction in Minimum Work Requirement. It must be determined that the FM's prior investment in Veiled Cliffs is adequate if the CS condition is likely to permanently reduce their contribution to a level below their own support requirements. Prior investment is defined as $50,000. in goods and / or

income or 5 years of membership in good standing at Veiled Cliffs. The Finance Officer will make the final determination as to the dollar evaluation while the Timesheet Officer will verify the 5 years in good standing. If the CS occurred to a person who is not a Full Member or if Veiled Cliffs had not received adequate vested interest at the time of the compromising condition, it will be necessary to obtain evidence of full funding and insurance for the care and upkeep of the individual in CS. The required number of hours to be completed as work requirement during CS will be determined by the Health Officer. Persons with a CS do not bypass the normal Admission Process. If a member has a moral obligation to care for a person in a CS but that individual does not pass or will not attempt to pass the admission requirements, the FM may be granted "time-away". The FM has the option to act as sponsor to the person in CS and must agree to requirements as if the Cs were a child. Social security, pensions, medical insurance benefits, food stamps, etc will all aid in the assurance that the person in CS who passes the admission process will not be deprived due to Veiled Cliffs' inability to meet additional needs without adequate increase in financial income.
2.2. Joining Veiled Cliffs
In order for a person to join Veiled cliffs Community, s/he must be greater than 15 years of age and must complete the following procedure. Children who belong at Veiled Cliffs are referred to as Indigenous Children, and will be able to become Full Members through the same admission process upon reaching 16 years of age.
2.2.1. Procedure to Join Veiled Cliffs
2.2.2. This one year procedure is designed to allow both the Community as a whole, and the Prospective Member (PM), to become acquainted with one another and understand the expectations and requirements that a Full Member (FM) must meet. The rationale for such a long entry process is this: If a PM joins too hurriedly, then s/he may become disillusioned and leave quickly once reality strikes. If the PM intends to stay at Veiled

Cliffs for years or decades, then a one year entry period is not an s/he will prefer not to admit "just anyone off the street" also.
* An initial interview will be excessive wait. The PM should not that if s/he becomes a Full Member, conducted with Prospective Members. Completion of the first and second sections of Veiled Cliffs Resident Agreement (VCRA) and the BFFF, CAP, HF, and GIF is required. Specific information such as: family, debts, present employment or marketable skills, interest in specific cottage industries, beliefs, resign for joining, is necessary during the entry period.
* After an initial interview and assimilation of the Veiled Cliffs Community Compiled Packet, the Prospective Member is allowed to live at Veiled Cliffs for six months. During this time s/he must fully abide by Veiled Cliffs' policies. S/he will receive full allowance, but no savings, and will be expected to complete the current Minimum Work Requirement. During these six months the Prospective Member will be allowed and encouraged to engage in decisions and discussions of all matters, but denied the right to Block Consensus. H presence will be ignored in all computations of member numbers. S/he will not have e the right to hold office.
* The Midway Evaluation, at the end of the first six (6) months period, will consist of a closed meeting of the Interview Committee (IC). Interviews by all members with the PM during the first six (6) months are encouraged. The IC must, in part, depend upon FM's report of characteristics about the PM which are a concern and the FM's personal decision as to whether to accept the PM as a member. In consideration of the PM's bid for membership they will review concerns reported in writing from any community members, discuss all concerns in light of performance and attitude, and record all discussed issues for presentation to the PM. After review and due deliberation a Second interview between the IC and the PM ill communicate the Community's satisfaction and /or dissatisfaction with the PM. A healthy dialogue should be encourage during this interview. It should be made clear to the PM that failure to
improve in any required areas may result in an eventual negative decision for acceptance.
* A second set (6) month period shall elapse. The PM shall have all rights and responsibilities of a Full Member, with the exclusion of the right to Block Consensus on policy decisions and drawing of Savings. Improvements required in the second interview should be encouraged and scrutinized. At this stage a PM may hold managerial positions.
* A closed meeting shall review the behavior and record of the PM. A statement of findings shall be prepared and taken to a third interview between the IC and PM. The PM's feelings and responses will be evaluated immediately in a closed meeting of the IC, wherein a Consensus decision shall be reached to:
-reject the Prospective Member.
- accept the Prospective Member.
-conditional extend the entry tract for an explicit, short-term reason.
It is felt that the last option should be rarely exercised, as six months should be sufficient time to correct or accomplish any needed goals.
* If rejected the PM must leave Veiled Cliffs within a short time (not to exceed 1 week ) or appeal the decision to the next full community consensus process. the decision to reject will hold unless consensus is reached to accept. It WILL NOT require consensus to reject. All claims and rights to or against Veiled Cliffs Community are dissolved.
* If accepted, the intention will be posted for 1 week, and if no objections are made known, the PM will be accepted to FM at the next full meeting. Any objections will then require consensus of the full community to accept that member. The Pm will gain all rights of Full Membership, including right to Block on policy decisions and an equal share of Savings paid thereafter. S/he must comply to the Property and Finance rules included herein within

a short period of time (1 month) . The representative for the Interview Committee and the PM must complete the third section of the Veiled Cliffs Resident Agreement.
2.2.2. Requirements and Responsibilities Community to Individual
Assuming adequate space and resources, the Community will be required to offer membership to any individual who passes the admission process without regard to h ability to personally provide for financial upkeep. Persons applying for membership who are unable to meet the full contributory requirement (minimum work hours) are not, by necessary, excluded from application. Arrangements, whether financial or otherwise, must be made to offset responsibility for adequate care and upkeep. If the Community has not adequate space or resources, the person applying for membership will be required to bring a substantial donation or gain employment to offset h costs within one month. Individual to Community
All requirements laid out explicitly or implicitly within this Compiled Packet and in the Veiled Cliffs Resident Agreement will be fulfilled by the individual.
2.3 Cancellation of Membership
Voluntary departure from Veiled Cliffs shall be termed "Termination" of Membership. Involuntary departure from Veiled Cliffs shall be termed "Expulsion." "Time-away" allowed by Veiled Cliffs is not a cancellation of membership.
2.3.1. Termination of Membership
Voluntary termination consists of a public declaration and is effective the date of declaration. Termination removes all claim to any monies earned, savings invested back into the community, or any property or ownership

whether of tangible or intangible nature which was give to Veiled Cliffs. Departure from Veiled Cliffs will be expedited and will not extend past two weeks. Between declaration and departure the individual will be expected to pay or work at income producing activities to offset the cost of h upkeep. Income earned in the last two weeks of residence minus h upkeep costs for that period may be kept by the departing member.
A minimum of six months after termination, reapplication through the entire process may be allowed.
2.3.2. Expulsion from Membership
A Full Member may be expelled for few single occurrence infractions.
Those are:
* open repudiation of VC principles
* conviction of a felony or misdemeanor and the community feels continued membership is inappropriate.
* extended absence without adequate arrangements
* physical abuse of person(s) in the community and concern that such violence is likely to recur
* flagrant violation of the equality principle by confiscating for personal use those things intended for the use of the Community as a whole or stealing another's personal property.
* falsifying property information up entry to Veiled Cliffs or gross violation of the Veiled Cliffs' Property Code.
* deliberate and overt attempts to destroy or disband the Community by means legal, extralegal, financial, or in any other manner, provided that this shall not be broadly interpreted to refer to the holding of disapproved opinions or to behavior which from time to time might be

considered dangerous. It is intended to refer specifically to deliberately making trouble between the Community and civil authorities, involving the Community in a lawsuit, involving the Community in unauthorized financial obligations, and such similar hostile acts or attempted hostile acts.
* any intentional atrocity as defined by the sanctions (II.3.) and determined by the RuleMaster
The above provision shall not be taken as requiring the Community to expel a member, even for these reasons. The Expulsion Committee has the option of substituting other remedy of sanctions. The facts pertaining to each case may be called for review, but if the facts are found to be accurate, then the Expulsion Committee's decision is final. Expulsion Mechanism
There are two mechanisms for expulsion:
1) a recommendation may go from the RuleMaster to the Expulsion Committee. This recommendation will usually be the result of an infraction(s). The decision of the Expulsion Committee to expel a member can be called by the person in question for review by the Community. Consideration for expulsion will be discussed at a special meeting called for that purpose. Members of the Expulsion Committee may attend and contribute to the process, but they may not Block the consensus to keep the person, nor may the person in question block a consensus to expel. If consensus to allow the person in question to stay is not reached, the decision of the Expulsion Committee stands.
2) a consensus reached by all Full Members attending a meeting called to consider the expulsion. This meeting may be called by any Full Member. To effect expulsion in this manner, all Full Members attending must reach consensus that the member is not welcome and should be asked to leave the Community. The cause for expulsion in this case need not be an explicit infraction. It is intended that the security and integrity of the Community of the Community supersede those of the individual deemed a poor fit through the consensus process. It is also intended that a small group of individuals who

are not pleased with a given member will not be able to effect expulsion based on their dislike.
Expulsion is a statement that the individual is not welcome at Veiled Cliffs. A maximum of twelve hours will be allowed for departure from the grounds. There is little hope of repeat application to Veiled Cliffs for membership.

3. Governance
3.1 In General
The affairs of Veiled Cliffs are, according to the Articles of Incorporation in the State of Ohio, to be administered by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has the authority and responsibility for making policy decisions for the Community.
3.2. Board of Directors
The Board of Directors shall consist of the Community Governors referred to as Govies. There shall be 1 Govie for every 10 full members and an additional Govie for any fraction of the next 10 members. There shall not be less than two Govies.
The Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held on the third Friday in March on the Veiled Cliffs property. The Board will determine its agenda but is open to additions to the agenda from the Community at large. There will be a closed meeting before the public meeting and, if necessary, one will follow.
A potent or working number will be no less than two and as consensus will be required for any decisions the need for a voting quorum is by-passed.
3.2.1. Term
The term of office is six years with a Community-wide "vote-of-confidence" every two years. The number of Govie positions will be divided

into the 6 years to assure staggered entry and exit. A Govie removed by a vote of "no-confidence" will be replaced by a member selected by the remaining Govies.
3.2.2. Appointment
The Board shall appoint three Full Members to be the President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board shall appoint other offices as it finds necessary or convenient for the governance of the Community.
The Board may also appoint such groups or committees as needed to aid in the performance of its duties as it deems appropriate.
3.3. Offices
The offices are categorized into Managerial (M) and Guidance (G) positions. Guidance positions may affect policy and are there fore reserved for FMs in good standing. Managerial position may be fill by any members who take and interest and have shown competent responsibility and qualifications. Objections to any officer's performance may be presented to the Governance Committee for deliberation. Any Officers may be removed from the office by consensus of the Governance Committee.
3.3.1. Archivist/Librarian (M)
Maintains all written material for Veiled Cliffs Community
3.3.2. Bitch Officer (G)
Deals with interpersonal differences or issues.
3.3.3. Bookkeeper (G)
Supports the functions of the Finance Officer, Timesheet Officer, and Work Coordinator.
3.3.4. Conglomeration Officer (G)

Compiles complicated data to assist in decision-making of the Community.
3.3.5. Environmental Officer (M)
Attends to all environmental issues on the part of the Community
3.3.6. Finance Officer (G)
Manages all financial concerns of the Community.
3.3.7. Gardening Officer (M)
Plans and implements gardening to include involvement in any enterprise which impacts on effective, efficient growth of Community produce.
3.3.8. Govie (G)
Responsible for the long range planning and outlook; to assure compatibility with Community goals.
3.3.9. Health Officer (M)
Provides basic Primary care through provision of supplies, manpower, and prescriptive medication when necessary.
3.3.10. Husbandry Officer (M)
Assures that all pets and farm animals receive VCC standard of care.
3.3.11. RuleMaster (G)
Acts in response to infractions of the rules, standards of behavior, and policies of the Community.
3.3.12. Job Boss (M)
Provides leadership to others in the completion of a specific task
3.3.13. Petty Cash Officer (s) (M)
Maintains an up-to-date accounting of available cash for use by any member.
3.3.14. Safety Officer (M)
Assures Community awareness and compliance to procedures which insure Community safety. May modify or veto plans which involve a clear and present safety risk, and may require an immediate cessation of activity which poses a clear and present danger to the Community or members.
3.3.15. Secretary (M)
Records minutes of meetings and prepares them for archiving after posting for one week.
3.3.16. Timesheet Officer (G)
Provides for an accurate accounting of time spent at the endeavors at VCC and monitors individual records for compliance with the minimum time requirement.
3.3.17. Work Coordinator (M)
Maintains a prioritized list of jobs necessary or desired at VCC and supports the completion of those jobs through the manpower, supplies and proper function of necessary equipment.
3.4 Committees
There are standing Committees for some projects. Many spontaneous committees are formed and disbanded upon completion of a given project.
33.4.1. Interview Committee (IC)
This body of Full Members serves to evaluate and assess Prospective Members and assure that visitors are compliant with our rules. This Committee shall use active listening, open-ended interview techniques, and other skills available to ascertain a full picture of the PM and Visitor interactions with Community members. There must be no previous association between a member on the committee and the PM or Visitor, as this might bias objectivity.

3.4.2. Governance Committee (GC)
This body serves to evaluate proper functioning of a position or an individual within a position. It may also be called upon to provide broad-based decision-making. This might include approval for use of withheld personal funds (I.5.2.4.), ownership of gifts (I., or whether to expend VC dollars for a given animal/pet (I.4.6.1.).
This body consists of at least two Govies and may include all interested Full Members. Those persons directly impacted by the decision will not be allowed to Block consensus. This committee may be called to function by any member.
3.4.3. Expulsion Committee (EC)
This body consists of all the Govies and at least two other guidance (G) officers and is empowered to expel persons from Veiled Cliffs. This Committee will be called to function by the Interview Committee (for visitors only) or the RuleMaster's recommendation that a member be expelled. The RuleMaster serves this committee in only an advisory capacity. Decisions of this committee may be taken to a meeting of Full Members for review. (I.

4. Standard Operating Procedures
4.1. Meetings
Community meetings to deal with common issues will be held weekly. This is most often scheduled for weekends to accommodate to the work-a-day world of neighbors, friends and relatives who enjoy attendance. We hope to involve and interest many non-members in the process of cooperation and consensus or conflict resolution.
There will be an annual meeting to discuss the minimum work requirement for members to complete on a weekly basis. If needed there will be a semi-annual meeting to barter with other cost centers for excess hours.

Attendance at all meeting is encouraged as decisions are made by consensus and will not be called into question for those who felt not need to contribute at the time the issue was first resolved. Absence from the Community is an acceptable cause for absence from the consensus process though the knowledge of the issue in advance the right of a FM to appoint another full member as a proxy voice. Proxy voices will not be allowed to Block consensus on the part of the absent member. Any decisions made can be reviewed and put into the consensus process again but it will not be our policy to do so for absented members.
4.2. Decision Making
It is felt that all members have some portion of the truth about any given subject. Therefore, all decisions concerning Veiled Cliffs shall be made by consensus of its members. Further, all members are highly encouraged to use consensus in day-to-day tasks and decisions. Decisions made by committees will also be made by consensus. Any decision made by any officer or committee may be called for review/ confirmation by any Full Member. This review will be at a special meeting called for that purpose alone and will be decided by consensus of all Full Members attending.
4.3. Spending
Cost centers will be determined and categories of spending will be established for discretionary use by the associated managers. All non- categorical spending will be done after explicit approval by the Finance Officer. The Financial priorities will be two fold: to rid the Community of long term debt, and to assure monies for development and progress toward Community goals.
4.4. Complaints
Problems in the Community can be place on the agenda for any routine meeting or a special meeting can be called to discuss an identified problem. Personal issues should be discussed, whenever possible with those individuals who might have an impact on the consensus, situation, or decision. We have developed a system for dealing with interpersonal and programmatic problems
4.4.1. Interpersonal
There has been a position established to deal with interpersonal grievances (Bitch I.3.3.2.), but we encourage use of active listening so that members can grow in their ability to deal with painful conflicts. Acknowledgment that honesty is possible even in conflict is a growth toward unity.
4.4.2. Community
Problems on a Community level, usually denoting some non-compliance with Community standards, are addressed by the office of the RuleMaster. This office deals with minor and major problems in the Community and tries to improve the life of all members within the context of the Goal and Purpose of the Community through conscientious focus on the inherent values and humor of our lives.
4.5. Work Contribution
4.5.1. Minimum Work Requirements
It has been established that we will all contribute equally to the Community and since we arrive at differing stages and with differing fortune or capabilities to make fortunes, it is determined that we will value our fellow members through ability to contribute work equally. We hope that what a person donates to the community or does for the community will not be public knowledge, preventing superficial valuing based on material goods or income production. For Adults Without Compromise
A minimum number of contributory hours shall be decided annually by a Committee. This Committee must meet with all Officers, Managers ad Cost Center Bosses to assess the following:
--- The hours requested last year compared to hours actually used and the accuracy of the predictions
--- The hours requested for the upcoming year.
The Committee shall compile all available data and will set an annual total minimum number of required hours based on is findings. This total is then divided by the number of non-compromised adults (Full time equivalent - FTE), and cumulative percentages of children and persons in compromised status.
The annual requirement per person is then divided by 12 months to reach the minimum contributory hours required of each person for each month. This number is the monthly requirement for an adult without compromise (FTE). For Children
The Minimum Work Requirement for Children will vary by age and by whether attending school. It is intended that all children will reach FTE by age 16. Assigned work requirements will begin when a child is able to walk and understand spoken language.
In the chart below, the Factor indicates what fraction of the Minimum Work Requirements for adults who are not compromised (FTEs) will be considered standard for the given age group. Once a child begins to attend school, those school hours will be added to the adjusted FTE for that child, but in no case will the adjusted FTE plus school hours exceed one FTE.
The chart below is an example using the FTE of 215 hours per month. The "With School" column assumes 65 hours of school for 0-3 ages, 86 hours for 4-6 ages, 130 hours for 7-11 ages, and 172 hours for 12-15 ages.
With School Age Range Without School Factor
101.6 0-3 FTE x .17 = 36.6 .17
157.0 4-6 FTE x .33 = 71.0 .33
237.5 = 215 7-11 FTE x .50 = 107.5 .50
316.0 = 215 12-15 FTE x .67 = 144.0 .67 For Adults with Compromise
Full Members will receive a reduced Minimum Work Requirement based upon the nature of their compromise. The number of hours will be determined on a case by case basis by the Health Officer using all available information. If malingering is suspected the Health Officer must give full evaluation to RuleMaster.
Persons who reside at Veiled Cliffs as Non-Members who are compromised will be assigned a reduced minimum work requirement and the FM sponsor of a compromised adult would be responsible to make up all deficit hours.
4.5.2. Timesheets
Some methods of recording and accounting for contributory time will be used as a means to assure equal input according to capability. These records will be reviewed on a routine bases by a Timesheet Officer. Over and Under time shall be kept on a continuing , commulative basis. "Overs" shall be used to cover future "Unders" such as during vacation and personal days. All "Unders" shall be made up either by previous "Overs" or by an eased work requirement in following weeks. Counseling and aid are available and mandatory from the TO for repeated "Unders". Two consecutive weeks of "Unders", without "Overs" enough to cover the shortage, requires that the member be visited by the RuleMaster for not meeting the Minimum Requirement.
4.6. Animal Policy
The animal policy deals with the numbers of allowable animals to be maintained by the group as pets. Animals which do not need access to more than 3 sq. ft. of floor space need not be included in this policy, i.e., fish, parakeets, turtles, snakes, etc. Usual "pets" will fall into this category
4.6.1. Community
The maximum number of animals will be determined by space available and whether they are animals which live in the house, yard, or barn. We will make a conscious effort to avoid movement between these places of residence. Dogs which are housed inside at night will not be relegated to the outside and dogs which are housed outside at night will not be forced to stay inside unless it is necessary for the animal's health or the health of other animals.
Animals which have no purpose beyond emotional enjoyment for a human will be only pets, while animals which have some product potential may be considered more than pets.
All animals owned or cared for at Veiled Cliffs will be given standard immunizations, worming, bathing, and infestation control efforts. Medical care which is needed for continued good health or life will be weighed against the ultimate quality of life and the expense. This decision will be made by consensus in the Governance Committee and if not accepted by any FM, s/he may use h own funds to have specialized care done but s/he must accept that any further expenses may also be denied. Consensus regarding decisions about a pet will not be blockable by the owner member.
Animal maintenance such as debudding of kids horns, trimming of hooves, or shearing for summer will be considered part of routine animal care.
4.6.2. Wanderers
Wild animals and homeless animals which arrive and need to rely on our bounty will not be destroyed without effort to find a home or place in the Humane Society. An animal will not be tolerated to stay and devastate any of our animals. We will attempt to protect our domesticated animals and not disrupt the lives of wild folk, but we will not tolerate wanton destruction of our stewardships. Deer, rabbits, ground hogs, and other such eaters of garden produce will not be destroyed because of eating our plants. We will first try all manner of deterrents and will endeavor to plant adequate amounts so that we all will get some of the bounty of our mother earth. We will place bruised and imperfect produce out for wild fold to eat instead of our growing bounty.
Friendly wanderers which need a home will not be taken in but will also not be allowed to suffer hunger and cold. If it is not possible to get a Humane Society, the animal will be fed if it seems to belong to someone and put out of misery if not to be assimilated at Veiled Cliffs after one day's deliberation.

5. Property Code
5.1. Intent
It is the intent of this community to minimize personal ownership and maximize joint ownership.
5.2. Beginning Membership
This section relates to Prospective Membership.
5.2.1. General Provisions
Upon application, all assets, property, and debts will be divulged. In general, finances will be given thorough examination, including expected income and expenses/obligations.
5.2.2. Petty property
This refers to property which will not automatically convert to Veiled Cliffs ownership. This includes most property which can be transported by a single person, such as clothing, books, jewelry, etc. The contribution of these items to VC would add to that available for all members, and this is encouraged.
5.2.3. Grand Property
This refers to property which will automatically convert to Veiled Cliffs ownership upon acceptance to Full Membership unless explicitly excluded on the membership application. If the PM terminates h attempt to gain membership or is asked to leave prior to membership, h grand property remains h to take. Examples of Grand property might be: cars, furniture, real estate, computers, etc. VCC retains the right to refuse ownership of any property.
5.2.4. Capital Assets
During the application year , the PM will not have access to h Capital assets and interest earned from these will be the property of Veiled Cliffs. Upon Full Membership all such assets will become VCC property, or if retained by the FM, the interest earned by these assets will belong to VCC. Access to a member's withheld finds shall be occasionally allowed on a case by case basis by consent of the Governance Committee. Donation of all assets will be encourage, and in the case of inordinate personal expense (chronic illness, debilitating disease, surgery, etc.) will be required.
5.3. During Membership
Assets and property are turned over to Veiled Cliffs once a person becomes a full member. Exceptions are noted elsewhere.
5.3.1. Receipts - General Provisions
All income (see definitions below: I. -- I. or grand property which accrues while a full member, must be turned over to Veiled Cliffs or appended to excluded property / income list through standard procedure. Accounts Receivable
Accounts receivable shall be considered those monies accruing to a member on a regular basis and not resulting from current labor. Examples are: royalties, rental income, interest, dividends, trusts, sweepstakes payments, child support, alimony, etc. Child support will be placed in the child's savings account and will at no time be place in the community assets. Unearned Income
Unearned income shall be considered monies received which are not salary related. Examples might be: found treasure, sweepstakes earnings, etc. Earned Income
Earned Income shall be monies resulting from labor, service, barter, manufacture, commissions, are, or any other income generating activity. This includes income tax returns, retirement funds, pensions, and bonuses. Gifts
Gifts to an individual valued under 200.00 may be kept while gifts of greater value will be considered for personal acceptance by the Governance committee. Real property will be signed over to Veiled Cliffs if the Community is to assume responsibility for insurance and/or maintenance. The Governance Committee can rule that a gift of grand property be donated or maintained privately off property at the member's expense. A gift is defined by the person doing the giving. If it is the result of specified labor there may be question as to whether it is correctly a gift or earned income. In unusual circumstances the Governance Committee may be asked to rule whether an item is a gift if it has caused community disruption.
5.3.2. Expenditures Personal Debts ad Liabilities
All debts and liabilities will be divulged at the time of membership application. It will be determined prior to full membership whether these debts and liabilities will be assumed by the Community. If the Full Member's earnings are anticipated to be enough to cover their debts and liabilities as well as their living expenses it is likely that the Community will approve VC responsibility. Capital Asset Expenses
Expenses incurred in maintenance of capital assets will be the responsibility of Veiled Cliffs if the assets have been turned over to Veiled Cliffs. Otherwise these expenses will be managed by the member.
5.4 End of Membership
Certain assets and property may be taken at termination of membership. Those items retained as petty, personal property, property itemized explicitly in the application process, personal savings established by the community (minus any debts owed to the community) and the last two weeks of earnings (minus the cost of upkeep). Savings contributed to community use, to be collected at a later date will not be liquidated for the departing member.
5.4.1. Personal Property
All property brought to Veiled Cliffs and place into general use, becomes the property of Veiled Cliffs. No Community property will be released to an individual if s/he should decide to resign membership. No vehicles which are place into use on behalf of the Community and maintained by the Community will be owned personally by a FM. Clothing or equipment which is necessary for employment will be designated for exclusive use so long as that employment continues, hence may be taken with the member upon resigned membership. Adequate goods must be left for those members remaining.
5.4.2. Capital Assets
Any existing assets which are brought to the Community or placed into use by the Community, becomes Community property. Capital assets not donated to Veiled Cliffs will not provide any income to the member but upon departure Veiled Cliffs has no claim on the assets and their earnings.
5.5 Wills
Each member having any property which was brought to the community or left outside the community must make a Will which excludes passage of any Community property to heirs. Any gifts to the Community may be listed in the Will. All members must complete a Living Will so that the Community can act in their best interest should the need arise. The Living Will may protect the Community from financial devastation, allowing life support to be terminated according to the members' wishes. No part or portion of Veiled Cliffs property may be Willed to an individual or non-Veiled Cliffs concern.
5.6. Income Taxes
All earnings statements, w-4s and w-2s will be routinely given to the Finance Officer. Income tax returns will be completed and submitted by the Finance Officer on behalf of the membership and the method of filing will be determined by the tax status maintained by the community. Any income tax returns will be for the community, not the individual.
5.7. Disputes
All property disputes will be brought before the Governance Committee and these decisions will be final. A disgruntled member can always request a community hearing and consensus for h must result in order to overturn the decision of the Governance Committee. The same procedure to call the special meeting will pertain as in section I.

6. Dissolution of the Community
6.1. Voluntary Dissolution
This condition will apply if the community members decide through consensus to dissolve Veiled Cliffs Community, Inc.
6.2. Disposition of Assets
All property and assets shall be used first in the payment of VC assumed debts to include money owed to members for over hours, savings, and loans. Real property remaining will be placed into a land trust for use by other communities. All remaining money will be donated to the Federation of Egalitarian Communities.

7. Amendment of By-Laws
Amendment of By-Laws may be made by the Board of Directors or by consensus of the Full Members.
7.1 By Board of Directors
The Govies may change the By-Laws as deemed necessary. Any changes must be posted one month prior to enactment. Consensus will be assumed unless brought to a scheduled meeting as an issue.
7.2. By Full Membership
Consensus of Full Members at a scheduled meeting may result in changes of the By-Laws. Final wording will be the responsibility of the Govies and will be posted as above.

Chapter II. By-Intents

1. Rules
These rules are provided not to meddle in member's lives or overly regulate daily endeavors, but as a clearly stated guide to those things which must be adhered to by those living at Veiled Cliffs.
1.1. Interpersonal
* We will not tolerate any abuse ( be it verbal, mental, physical, sexual, or psychological ) of another member.
* We will not tolerate abuse of animals, the environment, or other humans,
* We will not tolerate misuse or abuse of raw resources.
* No person residing at Veiled Cliffs may hold any other resident liable (financially, legally, or professionally) for services rendered or denied.
* We encourage a posture of trust rather than one of distrust.
* We will protect ourselves against influences which conflict with VCC's policies.
1.2. Monetary
* All funds earned by any means while living at Veiled Cliffs must be deposited in the Community Treasury. Failure to comply will be considered theft.
* Any funds acquired through gift, inheritance, or luck may be kept if said finds are less than 200 dollars. If said funds are in excess of 200 dollars they must either be turned over to the Community, or placed in a personal account which cannot be accessed during one's stay at Veiled Cliffs (except with specific approval of the Governance Committee).
* No Community funds shall be spent without PRIOR arrangement with the Finance Officer. Funds shall be set aside for use by specific Officers or managers of cost centers. These funds may be used at the Officer's or managers discretion and need not be approved by the Finance Officer except in the initial allotment.
* Personal money spent "in behalf" of the Community will be reimbursed at the sole discretion of the Finance Officer &/or Petty Cash Officer.
* Financial issues will be discussed with any member, as all issues are considered public. An appointment must be made so that all discussions are held out of hearing of other members. Any money discussions that do not involve Officers may be held "in public," but doing so is discouraged.
1.3. Health
* All matters of health shall be brought to the attention of the Health Officer and will be managed accordingly.
* A certain standard of cleanliness must be maintained by all members for health reasons, and to ease interpersonal contacts. To wit: at least one toothbrushing per day, one shower every other day, and clothes washed before odorous.
* Mind altering products or activities may not be used without approval of the Health Officer. This includes vitamins, alcohol, exercises, weight loss products, etc.
* In the event that a product or activity is approved, it must be used within reasonable limits. For example, there shall be no drinking until "sloppy" drunk. The amount of alcohol required to induce this state varies between individuals, so it is the state and not the quantity that is forbidden.
* Drinking of alcohol is intended to be a social activity. Solitary drinking of any sort is frowned upon.
* No dangerous activities (driving, using tools, etc) may be attempted if the ability to perform them safely and correctly is in any way impaired, (cold pills, physical impairment, alcohol, injury, illness, etc) . This impairment is not a personal judgment but rather the presence of any qualifying substance /condition.
* Veiled Cliffs will be a "smoke free" community as of 1-1-94.
1.4 Contributory Time
- Contributory time shall be considered any time that furthers Community goals, or helps to maintain current levels of functioning.
- All members shall meet the minimum requirement of contributory time assessed them.
- Timesheets will be filled out and turned in to the TO on a weekly (minimum) and/or monthly (maximum) basis.
1.5. Safety
- The Safety Officer has the final say in any matter which, in h judgment, might jeopardize a member of the Community.
- All steps and walkways must be kept clear of debris, substances and obstacles.
- NO open food containers or food encrusted dishes are allowed.
- No piles of rubbish, papers, etc. that may constitute a fire hazard may exist.
- Those members who smoke may not smoke in hazardous areas (such as beds, hay covered areas), nor may they dispose of embers in such a way as might cause a fire ( in grass, in overflowing ashtrays, etc.)
- Other uses of fire, chemicals, hazardous tools, etc. must be reported to the Safety Officer PRIOR to the activity.
- No hiking, climbing, or other activities dangerous to do alone will be undertaken alone or without notice to the Safety Officer.
1.6. Property
- Most property is held in common. All common property must be used and maintained in such a way that is function is not impaired. This includes misplaced tools.
- Theft from the Community or from a member's personal belongings is not allowed. This includes permanently taking a Community item into one's personal room without authorization, thereby making it inaccessible for others' use.
- Property damaged through misuse or abuse by a member will be repaired at that member's expense.

2. Guide to Behavior
- Maintenance of a permanent posture of active listening will be expected.
- No gossiping or discussing of others' issues in their absence.
- All refuse must be disposed of properly. Organics to compost, aluminum to the proper receptacle, etc.
- The land on which we live will be treated with kindness. Clearing, mowing, grazing, cultivating etc., will be carefully planned, with emphasis on least harmful impact.
- Purchases shall be made with a focus on eliminating poorly or highly packaged goods. Brands with paper cartoons should be selected over brands with plastic cartons, despite preference in price or taste.
- Low impact goods will be sought at all times, with focus toward recycle-ability, recycled, biodegradable, and reusable.
- Speak quietly and calmly in all things. We do not need to shout one another down. We do need to be mindful of the noise we inflict on one another.

3. Violations of Rules
3.1. System
In the event a violation is brought to the attention of the RuleMaster, s/he shall evaluate the nature of the violation within the Disciplinary System. The Disciplinary System consists of the following categories and types of violations
A. Statuary/ Humane
B. Action/ Omission
C. BooBoo/Affront/ Atrocity
D. Intentional/ Accidental/ Negligent
All categories should apply to a single violation. For example: Assume a written rule prohibits leaving tools lying around. A violation of this rule might be classifies as a Statutory/ Omission / BooBoo/ Accidental. Based on this classification, the RuleMaster shall derive an objective Sentence. It is hoped that this system will greatly reduce case-by-case evaluations, while maintaining equity.
3.2. Sanctions
Once the RuleMaster has determined the classification of a violation, s/he will refer to the following Definitions and Penalty System to meet out the punishment.
Type of Infraction
Statutory - a written rule of guide for behavior is broken.
Humane - a non-written but implied rule or guide for behavior is broken
How infraction occurred
Action - some activity occurred which was not condoned.
Omission - some activity which should have taken place did not.
Level of attention
Accidental - violation occurred without the possibility of control on the part of the of the offender. These are the result of actions or inactions which the offender was not likely to foresee.
Negligent - violations occurred through inattentiveness or thoughtlessness.
Intentional - violations which occur in spite of clear knowledge that they are wrong. These violations are purposeful Severity
BooBoo - behaviors which are nuisances and irritants but do not result in damage or cost outlay greater than routine upkeep. These are very common occurrences in daily life.
Affront - Behaviors which result in some loss to property, person, or sense of well-being.
Atrocity - behavior which is unacceptable or results in serious harm to property, person, or community.
A1. Statutory.
First Offense: Reprimand/ Council. Rule which was violated must be clearly stated and explained to the violator.
Second Offense: Reprimand/ Council. Rule which was violated must be read to the Community in a Open meeting, and the violator must confess and repent.
Third Offense: Reprimand/ Council. Entire II.1. and II.2. sections of this Packet must be read to the RuleMaster, and signature of violator shown to h on Statement of Membership Agreement.
Fourth Offense: Reprimand/ Council. Memorize first five rules in the Rules section and recite to RuleMaster from memory.
Fifth Offense (and on): Memorize next group of five rules. This shall continue for each offense, until all rules have been cycled through. On the next offense the violator will be required to memorize and recite the ENTIRE Rules Section. Each offense thereafter will require reciting of the rules from memory.
A2. Human.
First Offense: Reprimand/Council.
Second Offense: Read 1 chapter of a morally uplifting book per weed for 2 months
Third Offense: Read 1 chapter of a morally uplifting book per week for 4 months.
Fourth Offense: Recommendation for expulsion
B1 Action.
First Offense: Wear a timer which rings every 8 hours for 24 waking hours. When the timer rings the violator must immediately atop all activity and write a short phrase describing h's current activity.
Second Offense: Wear a timer which rings every 7 hours for 24 waking hours. Must record activity.
Third Offense: progression shall continue down to a time ringing every 2 hours (on the seventh offense). Must record activity.
B2. Omission.
A contract shall be entered into between the RuleMaster and the violator. The contract shall require some activity from the violator. One such contract will be required per day, up to the offense number. Failure to complete contract each day will result in a five dollar fine and a repeat of failed contract, as well as incurring another offense for failure to comply.
C1. Intentional.
Intentionally disregarding either statutory or Humane considerations is in complete opposition to acceptable behavior. Thus, any violation determined to be intentional shall be counted as three (3) violations of the same Severity.
C2. Negligent.
Any negligent behavior shall be taken as evidence of poor mental focus and inattention. Thus, the Matchbox Exercise must be performed twice per day per level of the violation. Three instances of the exact same negligent violation shall thenceforth be considered intentional.
C3. Accidental.
It is assumed that most violations will be accidental. Therefore, a Member may accumulate two Accidental Affronts before first incrementing the Affront total. Also, one Accidental Atrocity shall be overlooked before incrementing the Atrocity total. Note that all other sanctions are not protected from incrementing.
D1. BooBoo.
It should be noted that BooBoos are nearly unavoidable in everyday life. Things which might qualify as BooBoos are: leaving tools out, using harsh detergents which end up in the septic tank, no giving phone messages, forgetting to turn off the coffee pot, etc. Thus, assignments for BooBoos are intended to be annoying reminders, and nothing more. The BooBoo total shall reset after one year.
1: Dust one room of the public area.
2: Wash a load of clothes for someone else
3: Wash dishes on an off night.
4: Scrub a bathtub.
5: Wash a Community vehicle
6: Dust two rooms of public area.
7: Vacuum a public area.
8: Wash the dogs or cats.
9: Clean out the chicken coop.
10: Scrub kitchen floor by hand.
11: Add five extra hours to work quota.
12: Go without coffee/ tea/soda for one day.
13: Clean an entire bathroom to include floor, walls, and tub.
14: dust entire house to include open bedrooms.
15: Vacuum entire house to include open bedrooms.
16: Was the dogs and cats.
17: Wash dishes for three days.
18: Wet Vac all public areas.
19th Clean out the goats stalls over three day period.
20th: Wear a "I maxed the BooBoo chart" button for 1 week, add 10 hours to work quota, and the Rom will assign one of the jobs above.
The time taken to perform any of these assignment will not count toward the routine acquisition of hours required.
21rst any BooBoos beyond 20 in one year will count as an Affront.
D2. Affront
Affronts are more serious violations of the standards VCC holds, or are in some way more destructive. Examples of Affronts might be: Speeding tickets, leaving a power took in the rain, verbal confrontations or abuse, entering another's room without permission, possessing illegal drugs, getting sloppy drunk, lying on a timesheet, refusing RuleMaster sentence, etc. Affront totals reset to zero every five years, though any current sentence must be completed despite the reset.
First Offense: Reprimand/ Council. Add 5 hours/wk to Cottage Industry during a one month probation.
Second Offense: Reprimand? Council. Add 10 hours / wk to Cottage Industry and allowance cut by 25% during Probation of 2 months. Savings half.
Third Offense: Rep. / Council. Savings zero. Allowance half during three months probation. Add 15 hours/wk to Cottage Industry quota for 2 months.
Fourth Offense: Rep./ council. Savings zero. Allowance 10% Add 25 hours/wk to Cottage Industry Quota for 6 months. Probation 1 year. All 5th offense Affronts and all Affronts thereafter will be counted as an Atrocity. This will continue until the five year reset.
D3. Atrocity
Atrocities are those things which VCC absolutely rejects and finds unjustifiable. These might include: physical abuse of others, theft, sexual harassment, untreated drug abuse/dependence, blatant disregard for the safety of those around, etc. Atrocity totals reset after 10 years, but current sentences are finished despite the reset.
First Offense: Rep/Council. Savings zero. Allowance 10%.
One hundred (100) hours/month extra work quota during 1 year Probation.
Second Offense: Rep./Council. Savings zero. Allowance zero.
One hundred (100) hours/month extra work quota during 2 year probation.
Third Offense: Recommendation for Expulsion.
3.3. Probation
If an Affront or Atrocity occurs while on Probation, that violation will be treated as several violations, equaling the number of previous violations of that type. For example: Mr. X has 2 Affronts and 1 Atrocity. If he committed an Affront while on probation it would add 2 Affronts and 1 Atrocity. If he committed an Affront after completing the probation associated with the first two, but before the total reset to zero, then it would count as a single Affront, bringing his total to 3 Affronts. Because Mr. X's has only 1 Atrocity, his next Atrocity would count as only 1 whether on probation or not.
3.4. Lenience and Forgiveness
Veiled Cliffs Community wants first and foremost to be a home for caring and growing individuals. We reject punishment and desire productive change. However, we will not tolerate abuse of VCC or its members, and will act to protect these. The above rules, codes, "punishments", etc, are designed to eliminate favoritism, bias, and willy-nilly reactions to poor behavior. Thus, it is highly encouraged that there be little lenience. If these guides are too strong and punishing for one, then they are too strong for all should be changed. Similarly, forgiveness eliminates the intended equality for similar poor behaviors. In order to obtain forgiveness or lenience, the offender must petition the body of FM, and obtain a consensus. Our humanity says to forgive and forget, but our intellect must uphold fairness and sensibility.

4. Outreach
Involvement and cooperation with the outside, larger community will be an on-going effort in which all members endeavor. Veiled Cliffs is not a hermitage, thus it is expected that Veiled Cliffs, as a whole, and members, as individuals, shall interface with the outside world to the betterment of all involved. Funds will be devoted to this effort as available and appropriate. Dues to the FEC and FIC are considered valuable outreach via community networking.

5. Health
Death shall be a sign of poor health and in no event will a corpse be maintained for extended periods or accepted for membership. Persons who die while members will be disposed of according to the least expensive legal method. An exception to this is the presence of an existing burial policy with directions for burial made explicit. healthful living will be the responsibility of each individual. Veiled Cliffs might not accept responsibility for the cost of care and upkeep outside of the community for individuals who, though their actions (negligent or otherwise), brought about their condition. This is particularly aimed at persons persisting in unhealthy living.
5.1. Living Wills
Living Wills shall be expected of Full Members. Assignment of responsibility will be to someone who holds the individual's best interest for quality of life in mind and heart. It is the intent of the Community to preserve the individual right to choose death and to prevent dollars being spent in the preservation of a life of poor quality (as defined by the individual).
5.2. Insurance
After one year of Full Membership each member will be provided with a burial policy assuring the most inexpensive and legal disposal of the body after death. It is the intent of the Community to maintain a Medical Fund as our insurance against the costs of medical care. We hope to also make private arrangements with physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies or medical supply houses for high quality and low costs. Standard group health insurance will not be the aim of Veiled Cliffs. Major medical insurance acquired through PEACHES is not yet possible but is hoped for in the future.

Name _________________________________
Please initial and date each paragraph that applies to you. Your signature at the bottom of each section will indicate agreement to initialed paragraphs. Please begin with this paragraph __________________________

I intend to reside at Veiled Cliffs for a period greater than one week. I have read the Compiled Packet, with the exception of the following sections:
Approved ______________________/________________________
While at VCC I agree to honor their beliefs, and abide by their rules and standards of behavior as listed in the Compiled Packet.
While at VCC I intend to participate and interact, inorder to fully taste and understand community life and the growth it has to offer me. __________________________
Sign and date: __________________________________________________
Application for Membership
I have now read the entire Compiled Packet, and agree that the listed Goals and Beliefs are my own. I will abide by the policies, rules and standards of behavior as listed in the Compiled Packet. _____________________________________
I hereby apply for status as a Prospective Member. I willingly submit to the six (6) month entry period, and to the three formal interviews associated with that process.
I have filled out the BFFF and CAP accurately, and given it to the Interview Committee.
Sign and date: ______________________________________________________
Final Disposition
To be filled out by the authorized Interview Committee Representative.
The above applicant (is / is not) accepted for Full Membership. All documents relating to this decision are on file.
All related documents (BFFF and CAP ) are in order and properly resolved.
Sign and date: _____________________________ ____________________________
Member leaves (voluntarily / involuntarily ). Exit interview date __________________
Sign and date: __________________________ ______________________________

1) Name ______________________ Prior address ____________________________
2) Emergency contact ___________________________ Relation _______________
Address _______________________________ Phone ___________________
3) Number of dependents (parents, children, animals, unrelated) _______________
If greater than zero you will need to fill out CAP.
4) List all current sources and amounts of earned and unearned income and savings:
(Salary, alimony, child support, rental / interest income, pension, tax returns)
5) List all current sources and amounts of indebtedness:
(Alimony, child support, student loans, credit / installment loans, insurance)
6) Are you current in all debts or have you gone into default? (Current / Default)
( Income taxes, child support, student/government loans)
If in default have you extra finance charges related to this (yes / no)
7) What of your assets do you plan to make available to Veiled Cliffs?
(All / some ____% / none ). If some or none you must provide photocopies of current statements from the source of all those not make available to Veiled Cliffs, and agree that all interest income and/ or earnings from these sources be given to Veiled Cliffs.
8) What of your debts do you bring to Veiled Cliffs for payment?
(All / some / none) If all , only those divulged above will be considered. Any problem you incur related to indebtedness not divulged above will not be the concern of Veiled Cliffs. If some, indicate which specifically here:
9) Do you have any requirements beyond normal upkeep which would place additional financial obligation upon Veiled Cliffs if provided?
(Pharmaceuticals other than OTC, anticipated/ chronic medical visits, dietary)
10) What grand property do you own? Place the following letter next to each item with the date effective and your initials: G = gifted to Veiled Cliff's, L= loaned to Veiled Cliffs for its use, P = maintained as personal property.
11) Please list items of petty property that you wish to gift (g) or loan (l) to Veiled Cliffs. Indicate next to each item "G" or "L" the date effective and your initials.
12) Please list all insurance policies, now current, held by you; their face value; and the premium. If you need these maintained you must pay the premium. If this is listed among your debts brought to Veiled Cliffs for payment it will be considered. Have you a paid-in-full burial policy?

I indicate by my signature that this is correct and complete.
Sign and date ___________________________________________________________

Name __________________________________
I have responsibility for the following dependents:
(should include human and non-human dependents)
(Note that human over age 15 who are not compromised shall not be considered dependents and must make separate application.)
I have potential responsibility for the following dependents:
( This might include children even over the age 15 for whom you do not now have custody)
The cost to me to support these dependents is:
If these dependents have special needs which will place added financial burden on Veiled Cliffs beyond normal upkeep, please indicate these needs here and their relative costs.
I am willing to assume responsibility for deficit behavior in all cases. If there are exceptions please indicate so now.
I am willing for my dependents to be governed communally by Veiled Cliffs. I will comply with the Community decisions related to these dependents and endeavor to enact those decisions. I understand that Veiled Cliffs will not use corporal punishment and that I am not free to do so while residing at Veiled Cliffs.

Name ______________________________________
1) I am fully functional / compromised / dead. If dead sign understanding that you are not an acceptable applicant and date: ____________________________
2) Please list any and all chronic conditions.
3) Please list all recurring acute conditions for which you need medical care.
4) Please list all medications (OTC and Prescriptive) that you have used and for what condition.
5) Please indicate any known allergies here. (This includes drug allergies)
6) Have you ever used illicit drugs? yes / no
7) Have you ever received treatment for abuse of any substance? yes/ no
If yes, was it successful?
8) Have you received therapy for mental/ emotional illness or conditions?
If yes, do you continue to have problems and what seems to stimulate them?
9) Are your immunizations up to date? If not you will be asked to go to the County Health Department to get up-dated. If so, you will need to submit a photocopy of your immunization record.
10) Are you current on dental care? If not, what needs attention? Have you any incomplete dental services required?
11) If female, when was your last pap smear and breast exam? Have you ever had a questionable pap smear? Have you had all abnormalities followed-up? What is your current pap smear status to the best of your knowledge?
12) What is your current reproductive status? If not fertile, why?
13) Do you have a sexual preference? Are you are have you used IV drugs? Have you had sexual relations with same sex / opposite sex / both sexes/ (Circle all that apply ) Have you received blood transfusions? Do you feel you may have risk of AIDS?
14) Are you aware of having any infectious or communicable diseases? If so list.
15) If you have functional limitations or compromises (#1) please describe them here.
16) If you have been released from duty for any disability, please describe here.
17) Are you willing to complete a living will?
18) Do you have any special fears or reservations about community life which make membership here a worry for you?

General Interview Form

Name ________________________ Date _______________________________
This interview is at entry into PM / interim / last prior to FM. Please circle one.
I have the following reservations about community life.
I believe that the following skills, interest, and experience will be a contribution to community life at Veiled Cliffs.
I have a special needs which have all been enumerated in the BFFF, the CAP, and /or the HF. Yes / no ( your answer may change after time here and we expect an answer each time you complete the form) If you discover special needs not previously noted on the above forms, please have them added prior to this interview.
What are your cleanliness expectation? Are you fastidious or a slob? Please rate yourself on a scale on ten with fastidious being #1.
Have you had any experience with consensus decision-making? Please describe.
What are your privacy needs? Using a scale of 10 with Hermit #1 and Gad about #10 please rate yourself.
Why are you interested in community life in general? Why Veiled Cliffs in particular ?
Do you hope to hold a job off-place? Are you willing to for the needs of the community? What are your marketable skills and likely pay?
Based on your time here to date, have your needs been met adequately, have your interactions with members been amiable and rewarding? If not please specify.
Do you have any concerns, reservation, or questions about Veiled Cliffs, VCC policies, or anything you have encountered while living here?
Are there any actions or inactions by you that you would like to report and for which you need intervention.
Are you having difficulty meeting any of our requirements and is help needed?
Below are particular issues / concerns related to you and your proposed membership. Please respond fully and provide your plans to address.
Signature indicates that this is correct and complete ________________________