Le Manoir

The community started in 2015 and we are now 6 members. We live on a land of 70 acres in Paspebiac which is in the Gaspe area, 10 hours north-east of Montreal, in the province of Quebec, Canada. We communicate mostly in french.

The vision we have for le Manoir community is a balance of 5 principles. Here are some details of what we are and what we want to become:

  • A community of 12 to 30 members. We wish to keep a small scale group, in order to nourish the relation that links members to each other. In the mean time, it is enough people to bring diversity of ideas and interests.

  • We adopt a fashion style very "retro": simplicity! We desire to diminish our ecological footprint. To us, it means opting for "less goods, more links". It means to question our "real needs".  It means to seek to make, exchange, find, share what we need. It means to choose the sustainable option.

  • Food autonomy: We produce and transform a great part of what we eat. We garden in an organic way, gather fruits and mushrooms, we fish, hunt and trap. We buy the less transformed we can. We don't aim to produce absolutly all we eat, so we exchange our goods and services with local producers that share our values.;
  • A participative and non-hierarchical decision making process. The goal is to favor equal power distribution amongst the members, self-management and shared responsabilities.
If you want to know more about us, we invite you to go see our website and look at our vision: http://manoir.community/en/vision

You can also contact us by email: manoir.intentionnel@gmail.com


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