Leave of Absence - 1999 - Emma Goldman's Finishing School

Tags: Extended Leave, Vacation

Emma Goldman Finishing School
leave of absence policy
Adopted 6/97, revised 6/20/99

Members can take a leave of absence during extended time (one-month minimum) away from the community. Members taking a leave of absence need to get approval from the community in advance. The leave of absence policy is designed to allow members to hold their membership, while temporarily removing themselves from the community’s economic system while away from the community. A member on leave neither gives the community co’s resources generated during the leave, nor takes resources from the community.

While on leave:

      Income generated by the individual is kept by the individual.


      Person pays own debts, and expenses, including health care.


      Person gives up “right” to community resources (i.e., room, food, auto use, health care, discretionary money, etc.)


      Person has no quota obligation during leave.


      Person can stay at community as guest for short periods, in between trips for instance, as approved by the community.


    Storage of the person's personal belongings while on leave will be negotiated with the community prior to the leave.

A leave of absence is different from a vacation. Vacation is taken by [using vacation hours or] using quota hours banked from work done before. Vacations have the following characteristics:

      shorter than leaves (generally)


      use quota hours for vacation


      no need to get the community’s approval for vacations


      full rights to community resources (room, food, discretionary money, health care, auto use, etc.)


      community continues to pay prior debts as agreed


    no requirement that you are away from the community to be “on vacation.”