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New Member Orientation Check-List DN-D1

New Member Orientation Check-List DN-D1

As a new member, you will be learning the ropes of living and working here as a member, taking a share of responsibility for our business, our farming operation, and our daily life in community. This check-list outlines the various areas that you will be responsible for familiarizing yourself with over the next few weeks. The Managers of the various areas will be glad to spend the necessary time with you to show or explain what you need to know, but it is up to you to take the initiative to make this happen. If, a month from now, you still don't know how to take an order over the phone or where to look for the Community Meeting Notes, it will be because you have not pursued this knowledge, not because someone else has neglected to show you. This check-list is intended to help you keep track of what you have and haven't followed up on; please use it! If you have any questions about this process, don't hesitate to ask the Membership Manager(s).

Area See Manager
Managerships - current managers and rotations Membership
Review of filing system, office, Comm. Mtg. Notes Membership
Trip list norms; telephone and postage Membership
Decision-making and consensus process Membership
Labor journal, work areas, personal prefs, priorities, personal service arrangements, etc. Labor
Outside work possibilities Labor
Petty cash, budget, ledger, loans etc. Finance
Hammock production, standards, supplies etc Hmx prd'n
Hammock orders (by phone, in person) & shipping Hmx mktg.
Stretcher standards, dipping, storage, etc. Stretchers
Vehicle use - keys, oil and gas, scheduling, etc. Auto usage
Equipment and machinery use Safety, Farm Equ.
Garbage and dump runs House, Grounds
Food - norms and restrictions, dietary needs, supplies & equipment, discretionary food Kitchen
Commie Clothes and laundry Commie Clothes
Health, OHIP, contraception, etc. Health
Fires and heating House, Safety
Photography, camera and projector use Recreation
Books and magazines, library lending Library
Mice, rats, insect pest control House
Animal care routines Dairy
Milk skimming and processing Milk Processing
Federation connections Federation delegates