Raise in Allowances - East Wind - 1990

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Raise in Allowances
East Wind

Raise in Allowances EW-B5

RAISE DF's (allowances)
passed Jan 6, 1990
11 yes, 10 no, 4 abstain

1) Raise discretionary funds for adult members and associates to $75 per month. Furthermore, the first item on each year's profit use list will be an extra $25 per month DF for the following year. The year 1990 qualifies as a year during which the extra $25 will be given out.

2) Child member's and associates' DF will be as follows:

Birth to 5 years: 20% of adult DF
6 to 10 years: 40% of adult DF
11 to 15 years: 60% of adult DF
16 years and up: 80% of adult DF

Children's DF can't however be lower than $20 per month.
(This amendment was proposed by Dana)

Example to make the "$25 bonus DF" procedure clearer: Before we vote on our 1990 annual plan, we'll ask the membership manager to estimate the average adult population in 1991, and also the average children's population in 1991 within each age group. From these population estimates, we can determine approximately the amount of money needed for bonus DF's in 1991. We will then make this amount of money the first item on our 1990 profit use list. The consequence of this practice is that, during 1991 (or any future year), we will receive bonus DF only insofar far as there has been a surplus the previous year to cover it.

Note: Since January of 1989, DF's have been $40 per month for adults and $22 per month for children.

3) ELIMINATE the following sources of money available to individuals:

a) Profit sharing, in which community profit above certain levels were distributed to members the following year, to a maximum of $200 per member. This program was passed March 9, 1985. (Note: Profit sharing due to 1989 profits will not be given out.)

b) The leaving fund, in which departing members got $150 to $750, depending upon their length of membership. This program, a replacement for the Earned Leaving Fund ("ELF") program, was passed Jan 30, 1988, and went into effect six months later.

c) S.P.O.T.S. (Sunday Projects Off The System), a hammocks production incentive program, budgeted each year by the hammocks business, in which weavers who didn't claim hours could earmark $10 toward community-oriented projects. This program was passed in 1984.

d) Community clothes allowance, $40 per member per year. (This was probably managerial policy, rather than legislation, but annual plans have regularly provided funds for it.)

e) Child visitation allowance, $200 per year for each adult member who has children who don't live at East Wind, to visit the children or to bring the children here. (Don't know when this legislation began.)