Statement of Spirituality - Skyhouse

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Statement of Spirituality

We believe in the goodness of helping each individual find their truest path in the world.

We believe sharing among ourselves, and giving of our house, homes, and hearts, can create an environment where each person can develop to fulfill their true capabilities.

We believe each person should not be restricted from finding their path to health and well-being, from the time of birth through the time of death.

We believe the Earth is an entity unto itself, apart from human values, that has intrinsic worth and that should be protected, cherished, and respected.

We believe that the same life force emanates from every living thing, and that this life force should be respected before taking the life of that thing.

We try to lead lives which celebrate life, love, growth, cooperation, and simplicity.

We try to recognize natural cycles and balances, and to lead lives in accordance with these cycles and balances.

We reject violence in our lives.