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Tax Information Package - EW-TXP8 - IRS Correspondence - Articles of Incorporation
East Wind

Tax Information Package EW-TXP8

Articles of Incorporation

STATE of MISSOURI Office of Secretary of State
JAMES C. KIRKPATRICK, Secretary of State

(To be submitted in duplicate by an Attorney)


We, the undersigned,
(Not less than three)
Name Number Street Address City State
Minnette P. Lesser Box 6B2 Tecumseh, Missouri 65760
Robert H. Harris Box 6B2 Tecumseh, Missouri 65760
Anthony Zineski Box 6B2 Tecumseh, Missouri 65760

being natural persons of the age of twenty-one years of more and citizens of the United States, of the purpose of forming a corporation under the "General Not For Profit Corpration Law" of the State of Missouri, do hereby adopt the following Artricles of Incorporation:

1. The name of the corporation is : EAST WIND COMMUNITY INC.
2. The period of duraton of the corporation is: perpetual (Please state "perpetual" or a definite number of years)
3. The address of its initial Registered Office in the State of Missouri is: Box 6B2... Street in the .... of Tecumseh (zone) County of Ozark and the name of its initial Registered Agent at said Address is: Kathleen Kinkade.
4. The first Board of Directors shall be theree (not less than three) in number, their names and addresses being as follows:

Name Number Street Address City State
Kathleen Kinkade Box 6B2 Tecumseh, Missouri 65760
Deborah Slavin Box 6B2 Tecumseh, Missouri 65760
Will Bayley Box 6B2 Tecumseh, Missouri 65760

5. The Purpose or purposes for which the corporation is organized are:
A. To create and maintain an intentional conmmunity of people who shall live together on the same premises and shall live according to certain ideals and precepts to which they have agreed, among others the following:
(1) That all members will do a fair and equal share of the work of the community (allowance being made for the sick, aged, etc., according to the provisions of the bylaw):
(2) That all members receive equal share of the benefits of the work of the group, regardless of the kind of work he or she may do.
(3) that the group will be responsible for all the needs of members insofar as it is able, and that no individual member shall receive private income of any kind.
B. To promote and advertise this kind of lifestyle and to encourage the people to engage in it.
C. To engage in any not for profit activity which is not prohibited by law.
6. This corporation shall not engage in political activity nor do anything else which would disqulaify it from Federal Tax exemption under Sec. 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or the equivalent paragraph in later tax law.
7. In the event of dissoluton, the corporation shall, after paying all its just debts, contribute any remaining assets to a similar organizaton, said organization to be named by the directors who shall be in office oat the time of said dissolution.

(NOTE): Any special provision authorized or permitted by Statute to be contained in the Articles of Incorporation may be insterted above.)
(Signatures of the Incorporators - Minnette P. Lesser, Robert Harris, and Anthony Zinesky)


STATE OF Missouri
County of Ozark

I, Vivian L. Bayle, a Notary Public, do hereby certify that on the 22nd day of September, 1974, Minnette P. Lesser, Robert Harris, and Anthony Zinesky personally appeared before me and being first duly sworn by me severally acknowledged that they signed as their free act and deed the foregoing document in the respective capacities therein set forth and declared tha the statements therein contained are true, to their best knowledge and belief.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written. (Signature)
Notrial Seal
My commission expires: Sept. 27, 1972

Filed and Certificate of Incorporation Issued NOV 6, 1974
(Signature - James C. Kirkpatrick)
Corporation Dept. SECRETARY OF STATE