Intensification of work

Working conditions have today deteriorated significantly. Many employees today suffer from this, but the public debate barely takes the measure of these transformations and the pressure that results from them.

Bruno Palier is research director of CNRS Sciences Po. He works on reforms of social protection systems in France and Europe. He was director of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for the Evaluation of Public Policies at Sciences Po (LIEPP) between 2014 and 2020. He recently published Reforming pensions at the Sciences Po presses in 2021. In 2022, he published with Clment Carbonnier Women, young people and children first, social investment and quality economy to PUF. It is in this work that they demonstrate that the French low-cost strategy has contributed to intensifying work in France, while degrading working conditions. He has just launched a series of texts published on the website of the LIEPP What do we know about work? in order to make numerous social science works on work visible and accessible.

Shooting & editing: A.S.