New Communities Support

The FEC wants to see as many new communities sharing our values flourish as possible. As resources permit we may donate labor, share expertise, or provide a loan for a new business. We have found that moral support goes a long way, and that the most important resource we can provide may be relationships with people who know the challenges of building community firsthand. These relationships are most likely to form based on mutual chemistry and proximity.

We have collected documents describing how we structure and operate our communities. The documents include planning papers, policies, bylaws, tax documents, etc. While many of these are somewhat outdated, they may still be helpful, and you can also contact individual communities to ask about current documents. See Systems & Structures.

A new community may want help with group process skills, including meeting facilitation, how to work with conflict, and choices in decision-making. The Federation can help by providing skilled teachers.

You may also want to visit our communities where you can learn firsthand what we are doing and whether it suits your situation.