How Our Wait List Works - 2012

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This is how our wait list works.

We have X bedrooms. When someone is accepted they will be placed on the waiting list in order of the date of beginning their current period of continuous residence at Acorn. In the case of people being accepted at the same time the member who is willing to join soonest will be placed higher.

If an intern has an earlier continuous residence date they cannot take the open space from someone who has already been accepted if they have not yet been accepted for membership.

When a space becomes available each waiting person will be informed a space is available and asked if they want it. The highest person on the list who can return within 30 days of availability will get the space. If someone claims the space but doesn't actually return within thirty days the space will be made available again.

When a bedroom becomes available it is offered to anyone in the community by seniority. This usually results in a room shuffle: Spock takes Captain Kirk's room; McCoy takes Spock's room. Scotty takes McCoy's room. Finally, the new member takes the last empty room. Then he or she dies when she beams down to a planet with the away team. A new room shuffle begins.

Any of these arrangements can be changed by a consensus decision by the community. The community also reserves the right to move someone up the waiting list by a consensus decision. The usual reasons for this happening would be based on need, special skills the community desires, to maintain gender balance, or in the case of returning ex-members, romantic partners, or members of our extended family.

In the case of sixty percent or more members of one gender the position will go to someone of the opposite gender.

People returning from an LOA or dual membership go to the top of the waiting list. Returning ex-members are next and associates applying for membership go next above accepted visitors who have never been members.