Joyous Childraising - Mettanokit Community


Mettanokit Community
Another Place, Rt. 123
Greenville, NH 03048
(603) 878-3117

A Forum For Improving Our Parenting Skills

1. Raise children joyfully and effectively. We recognize children as intelligent, caring people. We find than when they are with relaxed, clear, and confident adults, children learn faster and with more self confidence and enhanced creatively.

2. Teaching skills. Basic parenting skills are not taught in our culture. We have compiled a presentation of ideas, attitudes and skills from various sources that can complememnt individual styles to help create a healthier more joyous atmosphere for parents and children.

3. Provide a forum. We recognize that parents have a wealth of information which is not always shared with others. We offer a chance to learn from each other.

4. Help end parental oppression. Parenting is intrinsic to our survival. The quality of our parenting can make a difference in the future of our world. It is usually unpaid (or poorly paid) position with little available prestige, resources or support. Despite this, many of us do an excellent job. One of our goals is to help end parental oppression by teaching parents to be fully proud of the work we do.

*We use the term parent to describe the broad range of relationships between adults and children, as well as biological mothers and fathers.

We offer 3 hour to 3 day workshops which include:
new games
tribal ways
reviewing how we were raised
goals and ideals of parenting
demonstrations and role playing
how to develop support for yourself as a parent
self appreciations
overview of current literature and resources
parenting skills: clarifying values, resolving conflicts, counseling childen, how to listen well, how to be heard, understanding feelings


Emmy Rainwalker is a mother of two. She is the business manager for the worker owned businesses of Mettanokit Community in southern New Hampshire, and a lay midwife. She has trained in Parent Effectiveness Training and as a mental health technician, and is a weaver.

Medicine Story is a father of two boys. He is an international lecturer, workshop leader and story teller as well as keeper of the lore of the Wampanoag nation. Story is a co-founder of several alternative schools and communities.

Both are active members of the international Reevaluation Counseling Community.