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Provisional Agreement DN-D4

Provisional Agreement DN-D4


DANDELION COMMUNITY CO-OPERATIVE INC., a co-operative incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario, having its head office at the Village of Enterprise, in the County of Lennox and Addington

AGREEMENT made this day of , 19 , between Dandelion Community Inc., and Ontario Co-Operative, hereinafter called the "Community" having its place of residence in the Village of Enterprise, in the township of Camden East and the Province of Ontario, and of the same residence, hereinafter called the "Incoming Provisional".


1. During the term of this agreement, the Incoming Provisional shall devote cos best efforts to advance the interests of the Community, shall perform cos duties to the best of cos ability and shall behave in accordance with the Community's Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, rules and regulations and behavior code as they apply to provisionals, all of which the Incoming Provisional has read and become familiar with, and shall perform such other work as may be required of co by the Community under and subject to its instructions, directions, and control. The Community in turn agrees to confer all rights and privileges of provisional status upon Incoming Provisionals pursuant to the Bylaws of the Community.

2. The terms of this agreement shall be months from the date of signing by the Incoming Provisional and the Community but may be terminated at any time by either party. The term of this agreement may be extended by mutual agreement of the two parties.

3. The Incoming Provisional hereby agrees not to spend any money or to use vehicles or other property which co would not own or have access to under the conditions of the bylaws of the Community if co was a member of the Community.


(Officer of the Community) (Incoming Provisional)