Provisional Membership Agreement - Community Autonomy - 2010

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Provisional Membership Agreement

As a Provisional Member of Community Autonomy, I acknowledge that I have read the Operating Agreement of Community Autonomy, LLC, as far and as well as the Community is reasonably able to provide such benefits as a provisional member I agree to abide by the following:

1. Policies: I will conduct myself according to the duly adopted rules, policies, and
procedures of the Community as they exist at the time of this Agreement and as they may, by Community decision, change from time to time. In particular, I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Operating Agreement of Community Autonomy.

2. Goals and Mission: I have read, understand and agree to help the Community achieve its stated goals and mission. I understand that part of the Community’s mission is to serve as an example of community organizing and sustainable living. I understand that the Community will continually pursue this goal by being open to new members (as resources allow), guests, and visitors, and by publicizing the actions and activities of our community.

3. Property: I will participate in labor and property sharing as described in Article V of the Operating Agreement of Community Autonomy. I understand and agree that all labor contributed is part of the obligation as a member, or if above and beyond said obligation, is a voluntary contribution to the Community, and that it is not done for wages or compensation of any kind. I accept the benefits and privileges of Membership in partnership with all other Members as full compensation for all services performed by myself for or on behalf of the Community during my period of Membership, and hereby agree and acknowledge that I have no claim, other than such benefits and privileges, against the Community or in or to any property of the Community on account of such services.

4. Decision Making: I understand the decision making model, as it exists at the time of this Agreement and as it may, by Community decision, change from time to time. I understand that as a provisional member I have no blocking power in decision-making, but will participate in the decision-making structure of the Community as possible and will abide by the decisions made, including those made before my membership in the Community. I understand that the decision-making structure depends on the integrity of its participants and their commitment to the ideals of egalitarianism, trust, respect, self-empowerment, cooperation, equal access to power, and non-violence.

5. Medical and Dental: As a Provisional Member, I understand that I will be responsible for my own medical and health care expenses, and that I am encouraged to be covered by a basic health insurance plan either through an employer, an individual plan, or some other arrangement.

6. Conflict Resolution: I agree to give up my provisional membership upon request of the members and according to the process outlined in the Community’s Operating Agreement. I agree to resolve conflict peacefully and proactively seek the use of mediation when necessary.

7. Guiding Principles: I have read and am committed to the Community’s Guiding
Principles. I will help to create a lifestyle that will serve as an example of these Guiding Principles and will weigh the implications of my actions, continually striving to minimize my negative impact and increase my positive impact on the Community and the surrounding community. I will participate in the creation of a physical and social structure and culture that will move us towards long-term economic, ecological, and social sustainability.
(Witness for Community Autonomy)
This Agreement and Applicant's provisional membership begin as of the day of
_________________________ _______________
(Applicant) (Date)