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Visiting Appletree Policies

Visiting Appletree Policies AT-F2

by Wissle (circa 1982)

Appletree has several kinds of visitors, for which we have different agreements:

1. VISITORS TOURING COMMUNITIES: People, usually from other parts of the country, who hear of us and include us in their travels to visit various communities.
We request that such visitors write us at least a couple of months ahead of time about their plans and the approximmate date they want to visit. The correspondence person tells the house, then writes back to the potential visitor about whether the proposed tiem seems all right.

Our Guest Policy:

COST: We ask $3.00 a day, plus $2.50 a day for food, unless guests bring their own. Food stamps are acceptable as paymment if the food stamp card holder agrees to buy the groceries. If the guest sleeps in the house we ask another $2.00 a day. The total charge is $7.50 a day.

WORK: We also ask 1 and 1/2 hours of work a day per visitor, mostly dishwashing and other housework.
If a guest can't pay the charges, we will consider different arrangements, such as more hours of work, ahead of time.

ROOMS: If there is a vacant room guests may sleep there, otherwise they may sleep in the living room. We seldom have room for more than one or two people at a time.
If we have energy for visitors but no room, they may stay at a hotel in town and visit in the day and evenings.

LENGTH OF VISIT: We agree to a maximum two day visit ahead of time. Once people are here we might agree to longer.

ARRANGEMENTS: Once visitors are sure of the day and timme they will arrive, we like to know as soon as possible. Our phone number is (503) 942-4372; we don't accept collect calls.

2. SERIOUSLY INTERESTED VISITORS: People who have a specific interest in joining Appletree Commune, who usually live far away and come to visit the way touring visitors do. Their charge is $5.50 a day, and we agree to a maximum one week stay ahead of time. We may agree to their staying longer, especially if they become more interested.

3. PERSONAL GUESTS (CLOSE FRIENDS AND RELATIVES): These also can be former members or other people who are friends of the whole house. They make specific agreements to visit, usually with one person in particular. Their charge is $2.50 a day for food and $1.00 a day for utilities, total $3.50 a day. The whole house must agree to visits longer than a week. For visits longer than two weeks there is an additional charge of $2.00 a day. The host member may pay the charges. Personal guests are asked to contribute one hour of work a day. They may sleep in a vacant room, the host's room, or the living room, depending on space.

4. SUPPER GUESTS: These are invited by any of us and there is no charge unless they wish to come very regularly. Then they pay what we pay, about $1.50 a supper.

5. CRASHERS: People who wish to stay here and either weren't invited or contacted us without making specific arrangements. The people who are home will make a tentative decision, which others may object to later. The charge for crashers is $3 per night, not including food. We don't encourage uninvited people we don't know well to stay overnight except in unusual situations.