Visitor Liaison Responsibilities - 1996

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Visitor Liaison Responsibilities

Visitor Liaison Responsibilities AC-A2

1. Check in with visitors every day early on in the visit, every 2-3 days later on. Genuine contact with a member who cares is really important. Try to have lunch sometimes, rather than just always checking in on the fly. Ask how they're doing, find out if they need help of any kind. Let co know where you live, try to be accessible to them.

2. Talk about co's work scene with co at least every few days. Help connect with Visitor Work Coordinator (Louis for singles, Ken for families) or other members as necessary.

3. Go over the visitor's labor sheets with co a few times during the period to check for potential community concerns and make sure they are being filled out properly. (This might be less necessary with someone who just visited Twin Oaks.) Completed sheets belong on the labeled envelope in the"visitor forms" cubby. You are expected to bring them to process meetings if the visitor applies for membership.

4. For full-length (3 week) visitors, talk occasionally with the visitor's liaison about how things are going.

5. Be available to community members who have concerns about a visitor. Encourage them to discuss their concerns directly with the visitor, with yourself or another facilitator present if necessary. If the member is unwilling to do this, find out what the problem is as specifically as possible then talk with the visitor yourself. Approach visitors with these concerns as constructively as possible. Avoid anonymous feedback if at all possible, but better anonymous than none.

6. As soon as you find out that a visitor intends to apply for membership, please announce it at the next community meeting, as it's helpful to the community to know as early as possible.

7. Visitor needs to post answers to Membership Application questions in order to be considered for membership. Help 'em out if they need it.

8. At visitor's request, ask MPT to set up a membership interview.

9. Deal with paperwork:
a. Quickie info sheet--make sure co gets one and returns it.
b. Labor sheet filled out and returned to envelope in Viz Forms cubby.
c. FEC Questionaire--ditto b.
d. Exit Survey-- ditto b.
e. Charge packet handed in to accounting with money.

10. If an issue comes up that you don't feel OK dealing with, find someone else who will.

11. Pass on feedback, concerns, ideas, questions, etc. to Tree.