Guest Policy - 2015

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Guesting Policy

  1. The host is responsible for making sure the guest is oriented to Acorn norms and where to find what they need. The host is the default go-between if any other person at Acorn has questions or concerns that they do not want to bring directly to the guest.

  2. The guest’s reason for coming to Acorn must be primarily to visit the host(s). If they are here primarily to visit Acorn, they should be an intern or visitor. Guests coming for one day or less are exempt from this requirement.

  3. The host should post and sign a note before the guest(s) arrive(s), including the number of guests, name(s), expected length of stay, and room(s) occupied. The relationship to the host and any usual circumstances are also encouraged.

  4. The host should not leave Acorn for any significant portion of the guest’s time as their guest.

  5. If any member withdraws consent on any guest’s stay, and if the host fails to resolve the member’s concern, that guest must leave.

  6. If a guest wishes to stay longer than a month, the guest must have special permission to continue to be a long-term guest.

  7. When we invite someone here for a short time, we don’t want to by default invite their friends. A person who has not yet had a clearness (i.e. a visitor, guest, or new intern) may not host guests for more than a day or overnight without the permission of the group.

    Addendum I think was consensed on in meeting 3/22/15:

  8. Guests have no work expectation in week one, but they are expected to work quota after that. If they want to be here for more than a week and work less than quota, their host must ask at the meeting. As of 3/2 in e-mail, it looks like Abe and I remember differently what our status quo policy is and I intend to bring it to a community meeting again.