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The sixth edition of the Communities Directory: A Comprehensive Guide to Intentional Communities and Cooperative Living is the essential reference tool for those interested in finding or creating community. Compiled by the nonprofit organization the Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC) from This is the eagerly awaited new edition for 2010. Paperbound, 8-1/2 x 11 inches, 512 pages, ISBN 978-0-9718264-5-8.

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The Communities Directory is the door to an amazing range of choices in cooperative living today - some of which have been tested by time, and others that are on the cutting edge of experimentation. The Communities Directory is an encyclopedia of positive alternatives to a mainstream culture that is often fragmented and alienating. It is the inspiring stories of groups all over the world pioneering ways to share resources and live cooperatively.

Whether used as a reference, educational resource, or a road map for a personal quest, the Communities Directory is a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool offering the following:


Descriptions from over 1000 intentional communities in North America and over 250 from around the world. Entries offer contact information, core values, availability for visits, and a glimpse of the vision that holds them together.

For the first time we've included maps showing locations of communities throughout the world. See at a glance what’s happening in your area or plan your community-visiting adventure.

A fast and easy reference. Searching for a large, urban ecovillage? A community with lots of children? Just use the handy chart to quickly find the community that meets your needs.


Covers the basics of intentional community including what they are, how to visit, and the state of the communities movement.

Praise for the Communities Directory

"There’s never been a moment when we need connection quite as badly: connection between people who
have figured out new/old ways of living on this planet. This book is a resource, because the communities
in this book are a resource. I mean that quite literally — the wisdom embedded in these communities is
one of the few forces strong enough to make a real difference in the epic fight for the earth’s future."

— Bill McKibben, environmental educator and author of Deep Economy and Eaarth

"The Communities Directory is a vital reference for anyone seeking, living in, doing business with, or
studying intentional communities or collective working endeavors."

— Starhawk, author of The Spiral Dance and The Fifth Scared Thing


"The Communities Directory is no mere catalogue or book. It is already a profound and shining artifact of our transformative age. It is a map of social vision and leadership that will help us thrive right now and in the times ahead."

— Mark Lakeman, Director of City Repair in Portland OR


"The Communities Directory is a map to getting out of social isolation and into connection — doing
something good for yourself, others, and the environment . . . and have fun doing it."

— Chuck Durrett, co-author of Cohousing, which brought the Danish import to the US


Example Chart
Communities Directory 2007 Chart Example


Example Map
Communities Directory 2007 Map Example



Available at for special price of $28.

Also available at a further discount when purchased with Communities magazine or Finding Community.


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