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Thoughts on going to Twin Oaks

Ok it's 3 am and I'm leaving for the communities conference in like 6 hours cant sleep I'm excited nervous. How silly am I ? It's Twin Oaks It's our sister community what could go wrong....?! Well lots' but most likely nothing. The best thing about the federation as some of you who are not yet a part of it is, theres choices! Each community is what it is and thats all that it is but each one like people are different.
Now I've visited land trusts co-ops and hell even hung out with some of the love Israel cult for a day (I would so make a bad cult member). Since 1993 Ive been an East Winder maybe off and on but for over 4 years of my life at one point or the other I have lived down this dirt road. I have lived on this farm and have been a part of this place in some way for 15 years and now more than ever with my grandchildren here, It's my home. Twin Oaks is based on the same idea as us, our by laws and policy mimic each other in a lot of ways,so why am I up at 3 in the morning thinking about this, well I reiterate we are different.
Like two families living a little ways apart our conversations stir up rumors and innuendo hell sometimes I think the two communities have lovers quarrels with each other when the other Isn't looking. Now in February the Federation delegates came to E-dub and for some odd reason everyone got along. Now with every rumor and tale told that wasn't supposed to happen but it did so I did some research and it most of the time really does go that way. So again why am I up at 3 am well, I'm sure allot of it is I just want to have a good time and show respect for T.O. for what its worth the T.O. crew that comes here are always nice hard working amazingly talented beautiful communitarian's and I even have some good friends there and I'm guessing a whole bunch of folks that I will enjoy hanging out or talking with. Maybe I've been down my dirt road to long and I'm afraid to talk to other hippies, Maybe someone there who has never met me has a grudge maybe theres new legislation that states red heads are not allowed to speak above a certain volume ( I will drastically fail this) It so could be an anti juggling thing you know we don't get the popularity that musicians do!
To be honest I have no idea why I'm up at 3am ok 3:33am now worrying about it.
I have to think back to march of 93 when I got on that bus in Ironwood MI. it was about 330 am (hrmm is he bringing this full circle, finally) and my best friends in the whole world at that time show up, they teased litely about kool-aid and reminded me if they try to stick anything up your butt call us well rescue you (I grew up in a small small town) but there I was going off to do something I never did before, going somewhere I never been before, well here I am some of this is old hat and some of this is new water and thats all.
So I'm off to Twin Oaks in 5 hours and 15 minutes I'll be there about 24 hours later, so ready or not...