Leaves of Twin Oaks #114

The Leaves of Twin Oaks, Winter 2012/2013 Issue #114

Table of Contents:
News of the Oaks by Valerie
Beginnings and Endings: Arriving at Twin Oaks by Ali
Beginnings and Endings: Leaving Twin Oaks by Janel
Dining in Community by Valerie
Cows in Community by Keegan

News of the Oaks Issue #114

by Valerie

With autumn comes harvest season, and there is a lot of Farm and Food news to report. Our intrepid Garden Crew harvested over 4,200 pounds of potatoes this fall, a higher-than-average yield. In October, we had 7 cows pregnant at once - a rare occurrence - and so we can expect a bounty of milk in the coming months. In addition to drinking the milk, we use it make a variety of dairy products including Romano, Stilton, cream cheese, yogurt, butter and for special occasions, ice cream! (more about our Dairy Program in this newsletter) There are several fruit orchards throughout the community and this year we were lucky enough to be eating hardy kiwis (the most northerly-growing variety) into November. We also picked a single pomegranate off of the tree outside Morningstar, and look forward to more as the tree matures in coming years.
hardy kiwi

Hardy kiwis grown at Twin Oaks. They are the most northerly-growing variety of kiwi

The community is still, 15 months later, experiencing the effects of last summer's earthquake. When the water flow of our well began losing volume, apparently from underground shifts due to the quake, we researched the problem and found a surprising solution. Many people are familiar with the practice of fracking, notably in the news these days related to natural gas extraction. But it's also used to restore and improve water flow in potable (drinkable) water wells, using less pressure and no chemicals. Now, three months post-fracking, the well is performing normally and we're able to meet all of our own domestic and industrial water needs once again.