Skyhouse Community Report

Juan here, reporting on Skyhouse's comings and goings and doings since the last FEC assembly in February at East Wind.

Twin Oaks Community Report

As I write this, a child is being born here at Twin Oaks. In the upstairs living room of Kaweah, Summer and Purl are being assisted by friends, family and a midwife in giving birth to our newest member.

It's snowing in minnesota

The first snowfall of the year arrived today but it's not sticking to the ground yet. Just a reminder for me to make sure that i pay my power bill. They don't charge for the heating here at my apartment but i take a reminder when i can get it.


Home.... Ive been on the road for a little over 2 weeks now and I wont see my home for another week. Now let me say up front I have been on an amazing adventure deserving of a blog of its own , but right now, today I miss this view. Sometimes when people say why do you live there, I smile my personal little smile and close my eyes and think of this view. I've walked most of what you see, I look silently at this view most every day I have seen the sunset and rise a thousand times here, I know over that ridge lies Arkansas I know the creek that in the morning after a cool night offers a fog that circles our valley like the end of a magic wand. It's my home I watch the leaves grow and turn I watch storms roll in over the ridge. This is the reason I go to work on days when nothing else makes sense, This is the reason I smile to myself while I sit at the bus station waiting for my next uncomfortable trip on the dog, this is my happy place this is my home.

Bucket goes to NASCO

Bucket Goes to NASCO
And Reports Back to You!
Monday, November 10, 2008 – Bucket TO

What a deck moving party?

Ok so for those of you who have been to East Wind well It will never be the same.

Yep We now have a deck on the Music room. It was the deck that was on the sandals trailer which was no longer being used... So Kara Jo suggested we move it, I put up a concerns note and people cheered almost universally In fact I don't think we had a single concern. So we built the deck! And it is beautiful We added stairs all the way around for seating every where we mimicked the steps at RB so muscle memory would help with the new environment. The view has changed the place has changed (It's still the music room) And it is awesome. So looking forward to some of you coming here for a visit and joining us on our new addition!


I had hoped that a little bell might go off in someone's head. Had hoped that maybe someone would be softly saying to themselves "Yes we can". It is still out there, the need, the hope, the offer to help create an answer. Just waiting.
Thank you