The Mothership

The Mothership is an urban intentional community in Portland, Oregon. We usually have 6-12 adults and a handful of kids. Our full members operate as an income sharing group.

We value supporting each other as parents, believe children should be treated like humans, and humans should be treated well. Many of us co-parent each other’s kids and we generally believe children to be the responsibility of the group. There is another (non-FEC) community next door who also shares in parenting.

We believe everyone deserves to eat. Our food system is fully collectivized with the understanding that anyone can come eat here. We are in the planning stages of starting a free food shed on our property.

We love welcoming guests. Many people think of The Mothership as home base and stop in to refuel, gather supplies, and plan new expeditions.

We communicate directly, thoroughly, and the first time there is a conflict. Our goal is to avoid having unresolved interpersonal struggles that lead to a toxic living environment. If you’ve done something to upset someone at The Mothership, you either already know about it or are about to.

We commit to calling each other on acts of oppression. We have no tolerance for unapologetic racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, gender essentialism, ableism, body shaming, slut shaming, or enforcement of gender roles and stereotypes. When these things inevitably fall out of your mouth, we will talk about why they were problematic. We aspire to be a safe space for the marginalized. We’re mostly a bunch of queer/genderqueer relationship anarchists, though we also accept the cis heteromonogamists of the world (while we assimilate them).

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The Mothership LLC operating agreements, DRAFT 03/20/2016 Articles of Incorporation

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2016 Assembly of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities by Rejoice, 3 years ago

The annual assembly for the FEC takes place during March, in an attempt to happen at the beginning of the year when it's least inconvenient to everyone.  We have gardeners whose season hasn't yet kicked into high gear, a goat herd who's fielding baby goats (conveniently within range of the assembly), outdoor workers whose season hasn't totally started yet, and people to whom the changing of seasons has absolutely no effect.