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The “get to know me” questionnaire

As we start getting to know you, its helpful if we at Emma's can all have access to the same basic information about you. Please cover the questions below, and feel free to include anything else you want!

Your background:
Who are you? Give us your name, contact info, basic demographic information, and anything else you'd like to share about where you're from, your family, past experiences, etc.


      How did you hear about us?


      What is your experience living in intentional community?


      Describe what's important to you in a community.


    What interested you about Emma's in particular? What do you think you would benefit from? What do you have to contribute?


      Tell us about your values.


      How are you living out your values now? How do you want to in the future?


      What types of activist projects/issues are you involved in? Want to be?


      Describe your understanding of social justice and anti-oppression work.


    Describe your understanding of egalitarianism.


      How do you like to spend your time?


      What do you do to sustain yourself financially, physically, mentally, emotionally, etc?


    What kind of living environment to you like (in terms of privacy/common space, cleanliness, noise levels, number of community/ political/ social events in your house, children, emotional closeness with housemates, etc)?

Other nitty gritty:

      How do you feel about our policies and will they be difficult for you?: no pets, no smoking, no drugs, no meat.


      Is there anything we should know about your history? Have you been convicted of any crime? Do you have long term physical or mental health issues? Have you had difficulty with drugs and alcohol?


    How do you deal with personal and community-level conflict?