Overquota Work for Omegacorn - 2013

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Over-Quota for Character-KØRN
by Thomas
(Approved 7/28/2013)

Proposed: I would like interested members be paid $10/ hour for any SESE work they do over-quota for funding a new community project: Character -KØRN.

 SESE work will be defined as picking, packing, shipping, customer service, downloading and approving, germination testing, receiving, inventory, events (limited to actual time working- not travel, child care, diddling around), data entry, problem orders, website updates, seed fermenting and cleaning, seed crop garden work, and possibly other SESE work.  Trial crop growing and food-crop garden work will, for the purposes of this proposal, be considered non-SESE work.

Over-quota SESE work will be defined as the over-quota work in any given week that is also SESE work.  That is, a person need not be working 42 hours/ week in the business to start an Character-KØRN  account, but any work they are paid for must be both over-quota and for SESE.

Anyone availing themselves of this opportunity will commit to keeping labor sheets and be open to feedback and accountability.

Funds may be taken out of Character-KØRN accounts in any of 3 ways: 1) to support an Character-KØRN community as defined below, in which case group process is not necessary; 2) by consent of the Acorn group in a meeting; 3) as vacation hours for the person who did the over-quota work.

Character-KØRN may be any FEC-compliant (including having at least 3 unrelated adults) community that is no more than 8 years old.

Any person who would like to put Character-KØRN account money towards a community-building project that does not meet this criteria - or that is ambiguous as to whether it meets this criteria - is encouraged to bring the proposal to the group for consensus-based discussion.  The group already can approve donating funds to any community, and when proposals are brought to the group for use of Character-KØRN funds for community-building projects that do not meet the above criteria, we expect that labor put towards Character-KØRN funds will be taken into account, as will Acorn’s financial situation at the time.

Funds may be taken from an Character-KØRN  account only with the express permission of the individual who worked to put money in that account.

No money will be moved from any Character-KØRN  account to any project prior to May 2014.

At any time Character-KØRN funds are used to support a new community, the person transferring the funds for that purpose will leave a record at Acorn of where the funds were moved to, and listing all contributions indicating the amount of hours and who worked them and how they were spent.

The amount of over-quota claimed for Character-KØRN will not exceed the amount of money spent on labor in the previous year plus the percent growth of the business plus 10 percent. For instance, if we spent $10,000 outside labor the previous year and the business grows 20% the next year we would only be able to earn $10,000+$2,000 (20% growth)+$1,000 (10% slack) for a total of $13,000.  If the total amount of over-quota labor recorded for SESE is greater than the amount determined by this equation, there will be a cutoff point in time such that the year's earlier labor can go towards Character-KØRN but its later labor cannot.

If a person with a Character-KØRN account drops membership, their Character-KØRN account money goes into the community building fund.