Perhaps the hardest thing for me living at Twin Oaks these days is the Turnover.

Tomorrow my good friends Aubee and Rie leave to hike the Appalachian Trail. I will miss them sorely. My friendship with Aubee has been invaluable here at Twin Oaks.

I will miss her and Rie.

It is hard watching so many friends come and go. It is true that I have had an easier time connecting with more people in community, and that these connections have felt deeper and more real then most of my friendships before I joined the movement. But it also so much harder to have so many people I like leave.

Tomorrow a few of us are going to drive them to town and have Thai food in Charlottesville before we drop them off at the train station.

I worry that I am becoming less open to new people and more reclusive the longer I live here. It is so emotionally taxing having so many wonderful people leave that it is hard for me to feel safe opening up to new people.

Aubee really knows who I am, and knows my strengths and weaknesses almost as well as I do, yet she accepts me as I am none the less.. It is really hard to lose a friend like that. I do hope they come back to live at Twin Oaks after the trail.

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