The university facing Covid-19

Covid is a shock for higher education worldwide, and is disrupting the governance methods of institutions, the teaching practices of academics and the flow of students. S. Mignot-Gérard and C. Musselin look back at the effects of a crisis of unprecedented magnitude.

Christine Musselin is a research director CNRS at the Center for Sociology of Organizations (Sciences Po and CNRS). She conducts comparative research on university governance, higher education policies and academic labour markets. She directed the CSO from 2007 to 2013 and then served as Vice-President of Research at Sciences Po until the end of 2018. She is the author of The long march of French universitiesPuf (2001), The academic market. France, Germany, United States (2005), The Great University Race (2017), Proposals from a researcher for the University (2019), Sciences Po Press.

Stephanie Mignot-Gerard holds a thesis in sociology from Sciences Po Paris (2006) and is a lecturer in management at theIAE Gustave Eiffel and the Management Research Institute (UPEC) since 2010. In 2019-2020, she was a visiting scholar at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York. Her research focuses on university governance and the impact of rankings and performance on the behavior of university leaders. Recent publications include:

2019. From “good management” to “performance”. Transformation of state management methods and recomposition of the power of university leaders from 1998 to 2011, French Review of Public Administration169: 69-88.

2017. Is Commitment to Performance-based Management Compatible with Commitment to University Values ​​in French Universities, Organization Studies. 39 (10),1357–1376. (with Stéphanie Chatelain-Ponroy, Christine Musselin and Samuel Sponem)

2015. Quality judgment device or reputation building instrument? The case of a university ranking, Land & Works 26/1: 167-185 (with François Sarfati)