What’s Happening: December 2012

Winter Solstice & ArtmasEast Winders celebrated the winter solstice together on December 21st.  Twenty-five people participated in this year’s artmas exchange, an East Wind tradition celebrated by exchanging unique homemade gifts. Though the shortest day of the year was fun, most of us look forward to the days growing longer.  The winter has been mild so far, but the cold air and grey landscape leave many of us yearning for spring.

New SawmillWe recently purchased a new sawmill from Peterson Portable Sawmillsto replace our antiquated old sawmill.  A site on our New Land was selected and prepared this fall, and our new sawmill now sits securely under a shiny new tin roof.  We milled up our first logs on the new sawmill this month, producing oak boards to side the new sawmill building.  The new sawmill is more gas efficient, and can be easily run by a two person crew.  We intend to produce lots of quality lumber to be used for building projects throughout community.