Associate Membership -- East Wind

12.0 - Conditions of Associate Status at East Wind
Community Meeting, 16 Jul 88
Revised by adoption of Membership Process 15 Sep 1995
[Amended by Community Ballot, 12&1/2 yes, 3 no, 4 April 1998]

Visitors are given the opportunity to become Provisional Members or Associates of East Wind. The process of acceptance for both categories is the same. Associates may become Provisional Members during their residence at East Wind under the same procedures as visitors applying for Provisional Membership except that Associates do not need to repeat the visitor period again.

[The following was removed by legislation of 15 Sep 95: They are voted on a second time and their vote notice is posted for the same number of days as those posted for Visitors applying for Provisional Membership.]

Associates do not have the option of applying for Provisional Membership while not resident at East Wind.

LegisDocRev 080204 12.1 - Room Assignments to Associates
Full Members and Provisional Members who wish to change their status to Associate may do so upon informing Population Committee of their wish.
Associates are required to be in residence at least sixty days in a given year. The minimum residency period is 30 days. Population Committee is empowered to make exceptions.

Associates must given advance notification to Population Committee of their intentions to return for a residency period and for how long they wish their residency period to be. Failure to do so by dropping in results in loss of Associate status.

Population Committee approves the residency periods of Associates on a space available basis. Priority in space assignments is always given to Full Members and Provisional Members and to Visitors in the case of visitor spaces. Hence, Associates are not guaranteed specific sleeping spaces and may not be able to return to the community as they wish. Population Committee will work with the Trusterty Manager in accommodating Associates as much as is feasible.

[Ref: Room Assignments to Associates, Board, Jan 1992]

Associates are subject to East Wind’s Labor Agreements but not to East Wind money and property rules, with the following exceptions:

Associates are eligible for Social Emergency Leaves, but none of the other Leaves apply to them. No community funds will be made available to Associates on Social Emergency Leave. Associates shall be considered on “Associate Leave” when not resident at East Wind.

Associates are required to have a non-negative labor balance when they leave the Community for a non-residency period. Failure to do so results in loss of Associate status.

Labor Exchange does not apply to Associates.

Associates receive discretionary funds equivalent to that of Provisional and Full Members. Associates who leave East Wind owing money to the Community automatically lose their Associate status.

Associates may use personally-owned vehicles while in residence at East Wind. East Wind will not be responsible for the cost of insuring and maintaining such vehicles, and the community will not pay for gas. Associates may not lend their personal vehicles to individual members in residence. In other words, an Associate must be driving the vehicle when it leaves the farm.

Associates are not to use money earned outside of community while in residence at East Wind, except for insuring, maintaining, and fueling personally-owned vehicles.

The Community will make available medical care for work- related injuries and first aid and transport for non-work-related medical emergencies.

Associates are not eligible for managerial positions or Community officers’ positions and do not have a vote.

Associates who drop in or who leave the Community for a non- residency period with a negative labor balance have the option of applying for re-entry into the Visitor Program (acceptance is not guaranteed) or being guested by a member. Failing these, the individual must leave the Community.

Individuals who leave the community owing money to East Wind must settle their debts before reapplying for Associate status.

12.1 - Room Assignments to Associates
The Board, Jan 1992
The Membership Manager shall coordinate with the Room Assignor to insure that there are enough spaces for members. When an associate has been assigned a room, co shall be permitted to use that room until co takes Associate Leave. When rooms become scarce, members will be as-signed rooms before associates are. At such times any associates requesting to return should be given clear understanding of what sort of housing they are likely to find available. Under this pol­icy, associates in standard space will be counted in determining the membership ceiling.