Feral Dogs

There have been three sightings this week of a pack of feral dogs on the East Wind land, and they keep getting closer to the community.

The first time, someone was going for a walk, and the dogs barked, growled, and chased him.

The second time was a similar experience for a different person.

Last night, another person was walking to the goat barn to do goat chores, and there was a large, feral dog sitting outside the goat fence, growling. She ran up into the community and got more people to come down to shoot the dog(s), but the dogs were nowhere to be found.

It has been decided upon by the community that the dogs will be shot. It is sad, but the dogs are vicious, and a big threat to the livestock and small children.

I have been pretty scared myself, actually. I have been "house sitting" in a personal shelter for a couple who are currently off the farm. The personal shelter is right down the road from the goat barn, in the woods. Last night when I was walking to bed, winding up my flashlight, I kept looking around, and listening for any noises. I was freaking out a little bit, because I don't know if I could defend myself from a pack of feral dogs!

Of course, I survived. I think, maybe, I was overreacting a little.

It has been interesting to see what happens when so many people dump off their unwanted pets in the woods. They become undomesticated, and if there are enough of them, then they group together and become very vicious.

This is not true for all breeds of dogs. Though, I am curious why some dogs become this way and others don't. I think many domesticated animals would starve, or get eaten by predators, in the wild.