Being a Woman at East Wind

Me, Ruty, Sage

East Wind is an egalitarian community, which means everyone is treated equal regardless of their gender, race, religion, et cetera. What that means to me personally is that if you are a woman then you have the right to be naked or topless without being sexually harassed. You have the right to have as many sexual partners as you want as long as there is consent, and regardless of their gender. You are encouraged to grow all your hair long, and not wear makeup. You can talk openly about menstruation, sex and your body.

I grew up in a few different backgrounds, ranging from the country, to city, to the suburbs. In all of these places I was taught to fit in. I was taught to wear makeup, dress in a different clean outfit every day, shave almost all my body hair, don't talk about masturbation, and don't let anyone except your one sexual partner see you naked.

I don't do any of those things now.

I have grown more comfortable in my body and my gender since I have been here. I feel very happy that I can be myself completely, I can literally be naked, and I am accepted and loved, and treated equally.