Some goings on

The raining has slowed down quite a bit. It rained so much that the dam overflowed causing East Wind to have a new lake where a field used to be! We have been canoeing in it. I am worried about all the trees that got flooded out though, and wonder if they will survive.

It even rained all through May Day, so we didn't have a May Pole, but someone made a beautiful cake with a May Pole on it!

During one of the rainy days, a few of us played a murder mystery game. We went into the community clothes closet and picked outfits to fit our characters. We all looked pretty silly, but it was pretty fun.

My character, Vicky, liked to spend her husband's money on clothes and tabloid magazines.

Joshua's character, Enrique, was a promiscuous  farmhand.

Yeah, the characters were pretty ridiculous, but that's why it was so fun.

Finally the sun shone, and I moved my work back into the garden. Some of the seedlings in the ground got washed away in the rain, but mostly everything survived.. The brassicas are getting big. It won't be too long before we harvest some.

We also are in a frenzy of putting seeds in the ground, transplanting from the greenhouse, thinning new seedlings, and weeding. It's getting pretty busy here! The garden manager told me that May is the busiest month in the garden.

Well, I better get back to thinning carrots. See ya later.