A Sense of Purpose in the Communal Organism

I read Kassia’s and Sky's great website about their European community-hopping and would like to comment about a few things mentioned in the text which accompanies their photos.

A Sense of Purpose in the Communal Organism

A Sense of Purpose in the Communal Organism
A. Allen Butcher

Ganas Court Case

I think there is grounds for appealing this case to a higher court.

Validation Day and Appreciative Planning Process

In February of every year is a holiday that most of the country observes called "Valentine's Day." At East Wind Community in the late 1970s an adaptation of this holiday was begun by Steve (Che'), later taken to Twin Oaks Community by Christy when he moved there in the early 1980s. Steve's original inspiration may have come from the practice of re-evaluation co-counseling which was being practiced at East Wind at the time, which among other things encourages the validation by others (specifically the co-counselor) of an individual's feelings. The Validation Day tradition may have since spread to other intentional communities. If any readers are aware of other communities adopting this tradition I invite them to share the story.

What Does it Mean to be a Communalist or Eco-Communalist?

The first paragraphs in this writing reference the article found here:
"The Democratic Dimension of Anarchism" by Murray Bookchin

Kat Kinkade and the Communal Theories of Equality and of Sharing

Allen Butcher, July 2008 (EW ’75-’83, TO ’85-’89)

Defending Communal Society in Court

Allen Butcher, Denver, August 2008

Radical Culture Shock: The Desire for Community and the Need for Private Space

A. Allen Butcher, Denver, August 2008