Emma Goldman Finishing School is Seeking New Members

We are looking for new members at the Emma Goldman Finishing School (an egalitarian housing community in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle). We are, like a lot of people all over the place, trying to figure out how to have different relationships with each other and the world. We think the world is burning and the time to collaborate and try and struggle and work is now. We would love for a group of 2-5 people who know and love each other to move in, as this has worked well in the past and we have a number of openings. Individual members would be great, too.

New Communities Directory!

Communities Directory - print edition


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Communities Directory 2010 Cover
The sixth edition of the Communities Directory: A Comprehensive Guide to Intentional Communities and Cooperative Living is the essential reference tool for those interested in finding or creating community. Compiled by the nonprofit organization the Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC) from directory.ic.org. This is the eagerly awaited new edition for 2010. Paperbound, 8-1/2 x 11 inches, 512 pages, ISBN 978-0-9718264-5-8.

2010 Fall Assembly a Rousing Success!

The 2010 Fall Assembly took place at East Wind, and as the title of this post indicates, it was a rousing success! The FEC fall assembly is a time for delegates from FEC communities to get together to both review the activities since the last assembly and look at our goals and plans until the next time we meet. This year at assembly, there were delegates attending from member communities Acorn, East Wind, Emma Goldman Finishing School, Sandhill, and Twin Oaks, and from Community-in-dialogue Community Autonomy.

Boats, Ferns and Biomimicry

I’ve been following the blog Gas 2.0 recentlyas I’ve been doing research on electric vehicles and alternative fuels and they do a great job of giving the latest news.

2010 Communities Conference!

The 2010 Communities Conference at Twin Oaks will help you learn more about communal living, connect with potential and current community members, and give you the opportunity to play and celebrate with others who believe in communal living.

Twin Oaks on CNN

East Wind Community in the news:

Experienced Organic Gardener Wanted at Skyhouse

Experienced Organic Gardener Wanted at Skyhouse

East Wind Nut House Expansion!

As some of you may know East wind is expanding! For those who have been to East Wind throughout the years we have watched this little nut butter business grow.

East Wind Nut butters gets some press!