FEC Spring Assembly Report

April, 2009 written by Apple

Anarchist Links~

Here are some links to growing anarchist networks:

Acorn Community Spring 2009 Update

Well, it’s been a crazy winter for Acorn. The business’ rapid growth in the past couple of years has given way to breakneck growth this winter. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange grew at a rate of about 70% over last year for January and February of this year. The community population, however, has not and the resulting situation has meant widespread craziness and long long hours. So significant has been the growth that this year we’ve begun, in a charming bit of historical reciprocity, to hire Twin Oakers to help us handle the extra business. For the first many years of Acorn’s existence we supported ourselves making hammocks for Twin Oaks and it’s nice to finally be in a position where we can be there for them.

News of the Oaks: Equinox - to - Equinox (Autumn 08 - Spring 09)

News of the Oaks: Equinox - to - Equinox (Autumn 08 - Spring 09)
by Valerie TO

Bucket Goes to the US Solidarity Economy Network Forum and Reports Back to You!

Bucket for the FEC - 3/30/09

A Human Sized Answer to a Global Problem

A Human Sized Answer to a Global Problem
Sharing & Climate Change

Policy Proposal: Room Assignment Policy & New Member Placement

For those strange folks that might be interested in reading the stuff I post on the Opinions & Ideas Board at Twin Oaks, I am posting them here for your reading pleasure.

Twin Oaks Community Report

As I write this, a child is being born here at Twin Oaks. In the upstairs living room of Kaweah, Summer and Purl are being assisted by friends, family and a midwife in giving birth to our newest member.

Bucket goes to NASCO

Bucket Goes to NASCO
And Reports Back to You!
Monday, November 10, 2008 – Bucket TO

Death of a Leader

Kat Kinkade died at 7:40, July 3rd, 2008 at Twin Oaks Community in the building called Nashoba. Her family and friends were here with her when she passed.