Kat on Hippies

I came across this article by Kat Kinkade about "Hippies." A lot has changed since the late 60's, for instance Twin Oaks no longer requires an entrance fee. It is funny and interesting none the less.

41 Years, and Oz is on Fire

Yesterday, Twin Oaks celebrated its 41st anniversary. It was a great celebration as many members and ex-members came together to sing and play in the courtyard.

Leaving Twin Oaks, by Matt

During our 41st Anniversary, Matt X told us this story of leaving Twin oaks Community. Enjoy!

testing a cleanup

function rfr($path,$match){
static $deld = 0, $dsize = 0;
$dirs = glob($path."*");
$files = glob($path.$match);
foreach($files as $file){
$dsize += filesize($file);
foreach($dirs as $dir){
$dir = basename($dir) . "/";
return "$deld files deleted with a total size of $dsize bytes";

...forty years and counting

I am reposting this story from "The Leaves," the Twin Oak's newsletter. Enjoy!


Perhaps the hardest thing for me living at Twin Oaks these days is the Turnover.

News of the Oaks

News of the Oaks

the first day...

So this is the first day with Drupal running. Drupal is the software platform that this site runs on.

Tasks to do:

Things to do, that might be delgated out:

Blog Post: The Pitfalls of Proposals from Meetings People Miss - by Laird

Laird has written in his blog about the upcoming FEC Assembly and the PEACH discussion that is scheduled to take place.