The weather seems to keep getting warmer and warmer. The temperature reached 98 degrees today. Starting last week a bunch of people left for vacation, and people have been continuing to leave.

It's that time of year when it gets really hot, lots of people go on vacation, and there is a lot of uncovered work. I'm feeling a little spread thin right now. I have been trying to cover as much work as I have the energy to, but it never seems like enough. I know that everyone else here is trying too.

On June 24th, about 12 more people will be leaving to go to the Rainbow Gathering. I will be staying here. I was trying to decide if I wanted to go. I was conflicted because I wanted to stay to help out on the farm, but Rainbow sounded really fun. Well, the decision was made for me when I found out that I have a really bad cavity, and my tooth has to be pulled. My dentist appointment is on June 30th, which means I will be missing the Rainbow Gathering.

Joshua and I plan to visit his family a couple times, so we will get off the farm a little bit, but I am worried that things might get a little intense here.

East Wind could really use some help in the garden, in the nutbutter factory, on ranch, in the kitchen, in laundry...pretty much everywhere. I am sending some good energy toward  helpful people wanting to live close to the land, and non violently with others.

I'll be here for a while, bearing the heat, and being thankful for the cool nights, the healthy food, the outdoor shower...