We had a tornado scare last night. About ten of us were sitting outside, around a fire, having a sharing circle. A sharing circle is an event where we all take turns talking about how we are doing, and everyone listens. It was quiet, dark, and the air was still.

Well, right in the middle of the circle someone ran up to us, reporting that we were in a tornado warning, and that people were about to start going into the root cellar. I started freaking out a little bit. Tornadoes really scare me.

I went toward the root cellar and stood outside until I noticed a change in the weather. It started to become windy and rain starting pouring. Then, myself and about ten other people crowded into the root cellar, listening to the radio, some of us making jokes about the end of the world, trying to keep it lighthearted. We had water, and canned fruits and vegetables, so I wasn't too worried. I felt pretty safe.

Eventually the tornado warning passed, and we went inside Rock Bottom for goat milk ice cream, bagels, and some guitar playing.

It was an interesting night. I feel lucky that the tornado didn't hit us, though it did hit Joplin, Missouri pretty badly.

Tornado Death Toll Hits 90 in Joplin, Missouri

I hope I can come out and help any way I can.

Update: Joplin had a blood drive today, and a bunch of East Winders came out to donate blood! I am so happy. I didn't donate blood because the last time I had my blood taken I almost passed out.
I made whole wheat cookies for East Winders to eat after donating, except they forgot to bring them! :( Luckily, there were snacks there to eat. I am not sure if they were as healthy, though. :)