East Wind Delicacies

I have had some opportunities to eat and drink some unique things the past few days.

A few days ago, a woman was breast feeding her child. Someone else said something along the lines of, "I wonder what breast milk tastes like?" Then the mother said, "Wanna try it?" The other person said, "sure," so then she put some of her milk into a cup and passed it around for people to try.

I happened to be sitting nearby, and was offered some also. I was a little nervous about it, but then I figured, "Hey, why not? I drink other animals' milk, what's the difference if I drink human milk? Some people, actually, might view it as more natural, and when else would I have this opportunity?"

So, I drank it. I was surprisingly sweet, and I am glad I tried it.

I wasn't as daring for some other new food opportunities, though.  Last night, someone served cicadas wrapped in spinach and cheese in a egg roll. Tonight, a black snake, (whose death was punishment for eating baby chicks repeatedly) was served. I did not try either. I am little more uncomfortable eating animals than other foods, but other people ate it. Maybe I will have the opportunity again someday.