East Wind Community

Established in 1974, we are a diverse group of about 60 adults and 4 children living on 1045 acres in Missouri's beautiful Ozark Hills. Our businesses include all-natural East Wind Nut butters and Utopian Rope Sandals. Our membership is very diverse, we have no central leadership, and we practice democracy. Our work lives are busy and varied, but we always find time to relax and enjoy community meals, music jams, and Ozark sunsets. Our land is one of a kind, very rural, and filled with all sorts of wildlife. We encourage individuality and diversity in our members. We are looking for skilled, hardworking, responsible and self motivated individuals that share in our values. Prospective members are encouraged to contact membership; currently we are most in need of plumbing skills, electrical skills, and carpentry. Drop ins are not accepted, you must contact membership to visit.

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1361 County Road 547
Tecumseh, MO 65760

Phone Number
(417) 679-4682


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Administrative Reorganization - East Wind - 1988 Documents Explaining Major Governmental Structures
Annual Plan - 1987 Economics
Articles of Incorporation - East Wind Articles of Incorporation
Associate Membership - 1995 Alternate Membership or Residency Structures
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Child Program - 1997 Families
East Wind - Change in Dissolution Bylaws Bylaws
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East Wind - Statement of Religious Beliefs, Theory and Practice Mission Statements, Spirituality Statements, etc.
East Wind Community Policy On Sexual Harassment - 1989 Conflict Resolution
East Wind Democracy Proposal Government
East Wind Government Proposal Government
East Wind's Long Range Plan - East Wind - 1993 Economics
Economic Agreements - East Wind - 1989 Economics
Housing and Membership Limit - 1993 Demographic Policies (Population, Age, Gender, etc.)
Membership Policy - East Wind - 2004 Comprehensive Membership Policies
New Business Formation - East Wind - 1992 Economics
Omnibus Guest Policy - 1993 Guest Policy
Personal Affairs Leave - 2006 Personal Leave, Sabbaticals, and Other Extended Leaves
Policy on Dual Membership - 1998 Alternate Membership or Residency Structures
Provisional to Full Membership - 2006 Provisional to Full Membership Process
Raise in Allowances - East Wind - 1990 Economics
Values about Children Families
Visitor Information Packet - 1997 Member Handbooks
Waiting List Guidelines, Temporary PM Housing - East Wind Joining Process
Work Improvement Proposal - East Wind - 1983 Economics


Latest Feed Updates

2016 Assembly of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities by Rejoice, 9 months ago

The annual assembly for the FEC takes place during March, in an attempt to happen at the beginning of the year when it's least inconvenient to everyone.  We have gardeners whose season hasn't yet kicked into high gear, a goat herd who's fielding baby goats (conveniently within range of the assembly), outdoor workers whose season hasn't totally started yet, and people to whom the changing of seasons has absolutely no effect.