When it snows hard we ground our vehicles. This means people cant use our cars until the roads have been adequately cleared. This keeps people from driving when it is slippery and dangerous. It prevents accidents and saves on insurance. And as an organizer i have to have a way around it. I got stuff to do.

When i went to rescue Sara from the airport our cars were grounded. With good reasons, the weather was so snowy and slippery i almost turned back, it is was crazy dangerous.  The Subaru i borrowed from Shana was using all it’s all wheel drive to keep from drifting off the road.

For those of you who tuned in late – we have a collective vehicle system. About 100 people share 17 vehicles [The average group of 100 US Amerikans has 67 vehicles.] Part of the way you make this work is you take care of the fleet in adverse conditions and you pull them off the road.