The two paths: Dark Green vs Net Zero

Central to the vexing question of “How are we going to get out of this jam?” is energy.  From where i sit there are two different flavors of answers.  The first is what we are doing at Living Energy Farm (i wanted to call it Dancing Squirrels) which is ditching fossil fuels.

Whether it is peak oil you believe in or climate change you are worried about, the answer is the same – we need to kick our addiction to fossil fuels and the one great way to do this is to start living without them, while they are still around, so we get some practice at it.  Central to LEF’s mission is demonstrating how a community can not just function but thrive without petroleum.

The second path is more accessible though, it is to get off the grid.  Or more precisely, for you and your community to generate more energy than you consume.  This includes those family visits for thxgvg, which you are going to have to stop flying to, unless you want to install a huge wind farm on your land (yes, this includes me).

So after over a dozen years of thinking it is a good idea and not doing much about it, it is time to drag my commune into the future and pitch getting off the grid for the entire place, in a phased, fiscally responsible fashion.  Watch this space.