New Years Party Invitation

When we do it well, the thing most likely to change your life is the Twin Oaks New Years Eve party.  For some this has resulted in ditching their plans to go to grad school and instead moving to community, for others this event has catalyzed falling in love (or at least wandering into lust) and finding a romantic/intimate partner who they had not had before.  For me as a funologist this event has been a test bed for all manner of exotic ideas from the infamous fuzzy tunnels, to the Temple of Oracles to the 2AM kissing workshop.

Frankly, this year, it is unclear if we will do it well.  Oh, it will be a wonderful party, no question – but it might not be an epic party as it has in years past.  Diana (formerly Cloud) who is the principal organizer, has been quite sick and most of the “regulars” including myself who usually step up to make this event amazing have held back this year.

In my case it is a mix of things.  Part has been ambivalence on my part.  Not the classical incorrect definition of ambivalence meaning indifference, but the precise definition having both strong positive and negative feels about the same thing.

My negative feelings come from felling like i have done this a bunch of times and i want others to step up and carry on the tradition.  I also want preparation to being in October and i dont want to have to be the one who initiates it.  And frankly, i likely would have taken on a much larger role if someone had just strongly requested that i did.  But like lots of people, my life is busy and so i did other things instead.

On the upside, the Alice in Wonderland theme is one of my all time favorites.  I cut my teeth as a funologist on this party and so it ahs special sentimental value to me.  And it is a huge opportunity to be daring and innovative which is going unused (by me) and that feels like a shame.  In years past i have much hyped this event.

I am especially proud of the designing the Temple of Oracles.  The Temple of Oracles has various mystics, witches and divinators who  use various oracular tools (tarot cards, runes, etc) to help reveal oft obscured paths to party participants.  What i love about this that people who would never normally get “their fortune told” can do so in a festive, free and safe environment.  They oft walk away with insights they did not have before, both about their own life and about this unusual art

We leave my mother’s place in Boston today and i will no doubt jump into the NYE party prep activities on my return to the commune.

If you are in the area AND you have been to the commune before AND there is someone there who is willing to be your host  AND you will RSVP immediately, then come to this event, even if it is not epic – you wont forget it.  Draft invitation below:

Hello, and welcome to your 2011-12 New Year’s Party Invitation!

This Twin Oaks New Years party will bring Alice and her Wonderland to Tupelo for a party to remember.

First off, this is not just a simple party; it is part reunion, part celebration of what is possible, and part unforecastable phenomena. In past years, many participants have found this event both amazing and important. There is no guarantee this will be your experience, but we would ask you to read the following information carefully, so that you have the best chance of experiencing it fully and we get taken care of as well.

What To Expect

Your beloved Twin Oaks New Year’s classics with some new elements! Come join us and enter into our magical, liminal space between 2010 and 2011. You can count on things like DJs laying down premium dance music all night, a pre-party coffeehouse, exotic new party construction in Tupelo and a Temple of Oracles.

What to Bring

Costumes Lots of people dress up for this event, we encourage you to help with the Wonderland theme by showing up in extraordinary garb.. Dress for the theme and wear something out of this world, sexy, comic, flashy, preposterous or all of these. Also, be aware that the party has many different activities and you might want to bring clothes to switch into for dancing or contact improv.

Food and Treats Tropical fruit, fair trade chocolate or coffee, or whatever exotic item appeals to you. this year especially we are requesting Wonderland themed baked goods, or other baked goods, savory or sweet.  If you do make something for the event please be sure to bring a label which describes the ingredients list dairy, gluten-free, vegan, nuts, etc.  You can specify if you would like your treat held back until after midnight

Sleeping Stuff We are encouraging people to sleep over. Check with your host if you can stay in their room, if you need these types of accommodations. There will be lots of comfortable, though not especially private, places to sleep. So bring sleeping bags, pajamas, night caps, slinky negligees or whatever it is you feel comfortable sleeping in.

Alcohol. If you want to contribute in this way, please bring small amounts of high quality alcohol. Think wine, liqueur, champagne – not PBR.

What NOT to Bring

- A friend who has not been invited by a Twin Oaker
- Obligations which require you to leave before you’re in fine condition to drive away
- Bad attitudes or uncooperative behavior
- Illegal drugs
- Pets

To New Year’s Eve Twin Oaks Guests Bringing Children:

Please note that Twin Oaks is not providing child care for the New Year’s Eve party (as we have in some years past). If you are planning to bring children to the New Year’s party this year, we ask that they be ACTIVELY sponsored (including teens).  You should know where they are for the majority of the time and check in on them frequently (at least every hour) for the entire time. We ask that you tell your children that alcohol, etc. is for adult consumption only. Please be proactive during the event in making sure that this request is followed.  We want to avoid a a situation where guest children (in their early teens) are largely unsponsored and get into trouble.   Thank you!

Other Details You Should Know

Working with your host– Your host (whoever invited you to the party) will coordinate your housing and work shifts. If you are here for more time than just the party, get your host to give you a copy of the “What We Want Our Guests to Know” fingerbook and read it right away.

Where to park – Please park in the Wellhouse East field. The gateway to the parking area is directly across Vigor Road from Tupelo Ridge Road, and the parking area itself is to the right. Please park close to the road. Don’t worry, there will be lots of signs telling you where to go. Please lock your car and remove valuables, as there have been robberies of unlocked cars in the past.

Pitching in – If you’re only coming for the afternoon and/or evening of Dec. 31st, don’t worry about this too much. If you’re here for a day or two, please help out with party prep and clean up, and try to find other ways to contribute some labor to the community. If you’ll be here longer then a day or two, definitely find ways to pitch in.

Donations – It turns out that these events are not free. Please remember our generally austere finances, which have been made even more so in the past year and consider making an appropriate sized donation, via your host.

Our home – Part of what makes the New Years Party an extraordinary event is that it happens in our home. Please treat the community with the respect you would in the home of your friends or family. Keep in mind that the influx of lots of new faces can be overwhelming for some people, and that there are members who don’t want to be involved with the party at all. You don’t need to be paranoid; basic manners and conscientiousness is all that’s needed. Do introduce yourself and offer to help with work.

Please RSVP for this event, so we can plan. Please write to [email protected] or call 541-505-0803.

The Bad News

As wonderful as this event is going to be, it might not be the right one for you to come to. Specifically, if you have never been to Twin Oaks before or if you are a friend of a friend of a member, rather than someone a member has invited – you should spend your New Year’s Eve somewhere else. To take care of our members and to maintain a sense of familiarity we are limiting the party attendees to people who have already been here. There is always next year, after you’ve come to visit us once or twice.

The Whats, Wheres, and When4:30 Mad Hatter Tea in TCLR
6 PM Dinner – ZK

Then everything moves to Tupelo

8 PM Coffee House and Open Mic perfromances
9 ish DJs and Dance Music
9-? Temple of Oracles

2 AM Kissing workshops