Intolerant of Intolerance

We have raps. [We in this case is Twin Oaks.]  We tell people who are intolerant that they will not be accepted here.  The way i say it is something like this:

If you tell racist or sexist or homophobic jokes or slurs during your visitor period, we will certainly reject you.  We don’t need to make a judgment on your choices, we just know that it wont work for you to live here with us.  We are intolerant of intolerance.

Clementine pointed out that i was exhibiting exactly the type of intolerance we frown on here with my last post.  Except it is acceptable because it is fundamentalist Christians who are advocating for the Rapture, so it is somehow PC.

This topic is rich.  In part because it points out an obvious double standard.  Yet i maintain a radical golden rule perspective.  If i was saying “The world is about to end, people who believe what i believe will be saved, the rest of you will be left behind to suffer without us righteous folks to guide you.  And there is nothing you can do about it now.”  I would want someone to say to me “you are crazy, what i busted and selfish meme.  Go back to the drawing board.”