$5K show + spiritual intimates

Hawina and i just completed the Frederick MD Show and grossed $5K for the hammocks biz. It is better than the last few groups that have done this fair, but Hawina and i are big rolers who regularly do $10K and more fairs and we were both let down, tho we both sold well. This fair just cant compare to Nashville (American Artisan), Tarrytown (Art Ryder) or Ripley show over 4th of July.

Fairs are labor rich events, with tonight’s drive i made 31 hours in 3 days, quota is 42 and i get 5 pension hours for being 54 (one hour a year from when you turn 50). Which is a good thing because the lovely and talented Premin is coming to visit. My most spiritual and ethereal intimate. Which is quite saying something.

Premin Circa 2009 ? Israel ?