For the first time in a year i have a room of my own.  There is no one to blame for this situation other than myself.  i gave up my room in Tupelo and then various temporary room situations i had so that other people, who i perceived had greater need, could land in rooms in the community.  But now i am back in my favorite building in the room Angie left when she moved to Philly.

And there is a slightly mysterious process of unpacking.  Mysterious because perhaps 1/5 of the things which have gotten stored as mine are not mine, for when i had a room it was the way station for many an interesting wayward person, many of whom left me presents.  So as Sara and i were unpacking me last night one of the larger piles was “Stuff of known people who dont live in Tupelo (anymore)”. So there was a box of Angie’s awards and Shiloh’s books and Tobias‘s Love Letters and Lylette’s Transoceanic shipments and then several boxes of unrecognizable things.

i asked Sara to take on this vexing process in which we discovered a myriad lost and otherwise displaced things.  We decided that the best way to take on this project was drunk and in a hurry.  Fortunately, we are both lightweights so a couple of beers and a couple of Mike’s hard lemonades later and we were good to go.  There was a period in which there were 3 dozen piles of various objects rescued from boxes.  But we agreed on only doing this for 100 minutes, and it all vanished back into boxes and under m newly relocated bed by 10 PM so we could still watch Annie Hall, before drifting off to sleep.